HODL Back Tester Google Spreadsheet


Dude the Hodl back tester sheet is amazing!! Can you possibly do a video explaining how to configure it all. Its very tricky for someone with no Excel experience. I’d really like to have this fully understood as there is no doubt its a beast of a doc! Thankssss


Hi, yes, a video will be forthcoming…
Working on an online version at the moment that might be easier


Brad mate, your back tester sheet is the best thing that I have ever seen in google sheets!! :tophat: chapeau!!

What do you think of my investment tracker? It is quite simple and for sure is not 100% perfect. As you can see, I took inspiration from yours! \

Cheers :rocket:


Very cool @Charles.V!
I was working on one too, I’ll see if I can integrate it into some of the other data sets I have!

I love this community! We all have such great vision!


You are right this is fantastic! IS there a way where we can enter in coins we currently hold and what they are currently doing so that I can review ina years time… I’m terrible with Excel but I’m def willing to out the time into this one!


In MyPicks sheet, can not change starting week. When I changed starting week to former week 04 Jan, 2015, the value in total share column got error #VALUE!``

sorry for not including screenshot. I tried many time to add photo. It displayed uploading and nothing happen.


Spreadsheet is incredible! I even used it on my business proposal!!!waiting for this sheet to finish…


Change the formula in Cell C7 like this. Then, click on that blue square dot on the bottom right corner of C7, then drag it down to C18.

You also need to Add Columns all the way to EZ.
Select G5 thru G18
Copy and paste all the way to Column EZ


thanks bro. Now error is gone.


We need add more columns as time goes on and run out of columns in the future.


@JayKing coming soon (to a new sheet, but very similar in function)


can i change to cdn funds?


@igoshi @ancesica

I updated the master sheet, grab it again if needed…but a better formula that auto expands is:


also, the dates will auto expand across, but I need to think about how to best organize this sheet…having 300 columns is never a pretty thing!


Thank you very much, I’m sure I speak on behalf of almost everyone here when I say thank you for taking the time to both put this together and to share and help others.


Thank you very much.
I also want to know that in historical data sheet, Should I need to add manually data or will it be added automatically past week like 2017-Sep-03?
Thank you again.


@ancesica the historical updates weekly automatically

The current is mostly real-time.

Working on more solutions to get data more available, but weekly gives a good general idea.


As in $NZD multiple currencies? :grin:


Yes…working on it so it can accommodate your local currency


Much amaze at the skill you have!


@cryptoBrad … you earned this a while ago…!

:doge: !!!

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Congrats on getting the AMAZE IDEA BADGE!