HODL Back Tester Google Spreadsheet


@CryptoMoon the new version (2017.09.10…xx} should run faster. Make a copy of that and retest.

Also, to get around timeout issues, in top left of compare tab, just run the scenarios in smaller batches like 1 to 5, then again to pick up where it was left off like 6 to 10, etc.

I’ve been able to do 1 to 20 before, do it could be just be quantity of math to be done.

Send me your results so I can fix it as needed!
Appreciate the feedback!


I don’t what you did but it’s running fast now. Thanks.



Is it possible to run scenarios of “Top X” lists from the Historical price records from Coinmarketcap?

For example, run a backtest using the top 20 coins from February 07, 2016 to see what the returns from that list would be today? https://coinmarketcap.com/historical/20160207/

I’d be happy to do any grunt work that you need to make it happen.


Easy. Top 20 coins.
$1000(or whatever)
2017-Feb-07 start date
2017-Feb-07 end date


So it’s actually using what the Top 20 coins were on that date and not the Top 20 coins as of today?

I assumed it was taking the “Top N” coins as of right now and then calculating their prices from “X date” to “Y date”

Sorry, I don’t mean to be a PITA. Thanks


To clarify the back test uses the top n coins for the weeks in the range. So multiple weeks would mean the top coins could change week by week.



Thanks. Very exciting. I was just trying to recreate the numbers of someone who wrote an article about the returns of the Top 100 cryptos for a 1 year hold. 7/3/16 thru 7/2/2017. I noticed a large discrepancy between her calculations and the spreadsheets and trying to figure out the discrepancy.

Here is a link to her article.

Things to Note
The data is sourced from Coinmarketcap.com using historical snapshots from 7/3/2016 and 7/2/2017.
Qora was by far the best bet, #89 on the 7/3/2016 rankings and that $100 each would now be worth $436,418.
Past performance is not a guarantee or prediction of future performance.
The over total is $546,237, though over 80% of that is Qora gains alone ($463,418).
The volume for Qora is 0.08 BTC ($206) in the past 24 hours, so even if you owned that amount of Qora, you’d only have one option to offload it (OpenLedger).
There were 6 coins that do not have enough volume to establish a current price, were delisted, or have gone away (DAO, SCOT, BILS, RBR, XCR, VOOT). These have been counted as -100% (worth $0), since they are now worthless/nonexistent.
Taking into account that there is no reasonable ability to sell Qora at this price at this time and that it is an outlier, I have also given Qora a -100% (worth $0) for a new total of $109,819, or basically 11x/1100% with the readily available information.

She even removes Qora as an outlier and still comes to an 1100% return. Just as I was about to post this I noticed that the spreadsheet is only using the top 70 coins instead of the 75, 100 or more requested.


I’m going to run the same text and see what’s up.




It ran OK for me.
copy the current version and see if you can match this.


OK. I made sure to get the latest version and will try it now.


Just ran fine for me as well. Maybe I was using an older version.

Thanks for looking into it and sorry to bother you with it.


no worries… btw… run top 10 with $10K on jul/3/2016…huge profits

so top 10 is better than top 100…write your own article!!
and top 8 is even betterer


I’m glued to it. I’m going to be running scenarios for days.

I really want to factor in some weighting using something like CryptoCompare.com’s Influence score. There has to be some meaningful data in there.

They have an API I just need to learn how to use it.


Deleted because I realized I was doing something wrong.


Does anyone know how I can make this spreadsheet run proper after I download it…? I have zero knowledge on all these excel functions… So frustrated.


Does anyone know how to import Coinmarketcap.com into 2016 Excel on Macbook?


Due to using non traditional formulas, it only runs in Google docs


I’ve just had a look at this and WOW, Thank you! making crypto investment easy and it will be a great tool to show my family.


First off, great work! One thing I am not understanding, it displays +0 coin 4.1% in my case. Do you know why that is the case? I own 4 coins but it shows that additional +0 coin as well.