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@cryptoBrad, YOU ARE THE MAN!


@cryptoBrad, on the “CompareChart” tab, the bottom bar states a one time investment in “10” coins of $10,000 however, it’s only showing 8 coins in the label (BTC, DASH, ETH, LTC, MAID, XEM, XRP, DAO). Is the figure of $193,405 for 10 coins or 8?

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Hey there, you got me! I made some changes and forgot to rerun.
The compare tab is unique.
You load up with scenarios on the left side, then you hit the RUN button and it calculates each scenario and saves the results statically on the right side and the chart changes with it.


wooooow first time here in the pub and already finding gems!! :gem: thank you and great job!!


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Wow! I’m just getting started and this spreadsheet is incredible. Thanks @cryptobrad for sharing!


Glad you like! enjoy!


This sheet needed a bump up to the top again and CryptoDaily is just hilarious. Watch this intro and take a look at @cryptoBrad’s sheet . Then HODL.


Just saw this article…
Wow… So much disappoint!

Investing $1,000 ten years ago in each of the top companies is nothing compared to Bitcoin


Love the spreadsheet, but I must be doing something wrong. If I try to bump the number down to say 2 coins and $100 a week it populates 4 currencies and doubles the investment. I also tried it with 1 and it then shows 2 coins. Overall amazing numbers if I had only been investing sooner… Never too late I guess.


You are doing nothing wrong. Read the tab ‘how to use’ there should be be a blurb somewhere.

The number of weeks spanned determines your investment amount and also the top coins that week. So two weeks spanned is$100 plus $100 and also the coins will naturally differ week to week.


Thanks for getting back to me, I have read through the instructions but still I feel like there is something wrong. So I have done a screenshot of what I am not understanding. So if I reduce the top coins down to 1 and say $1000 a week, and specify one years worth of dates, according to the spreadsheet I invested $53K which makes sense based on the dates and number of weeks. What it is showing is that I invest equal amounts in 2 coins, the two top coins during that period, so it is showing I invested $106K when it should only be showing a $53k investment, or am I reading the numbers incorrectly?


Here is another example; I increased the number of coins to 2 with the same $1000 and the same time frame. According the the spreadsheet at the top I invested $53K which is correct, but down in the coins purchased, say 2016-Nov-20 for instance it shows BTC being purchased twice and ETH being purchased twice as well. Unless I am way off this is skewing the “Current Value” to be worth way more than it should be. Am I missing something?


I see the problem now… It’s with the symbol and coin name duplicating.
I’ll fix this in the morning.
There was a switch recently on the source of data, and it appears the feed needs to be readjusted. Once I fix the feed, I’ll post a reply here.

Thanks for the screenshots!


@Shadoww. Open your copy up again, give it a minute to refresh data… The data feed is all fixed. It was easier than I thought

Thanks again for alerting me!


CryptoBrad, AWESOME work! Works great everything works out now, thank you SO much for creating the Sheet and supporting it so well.


Hey guys.

I started using this strategy and so far so good. However, do you guys still take profits when you’re dollar cost averaging and trying to hold long term? 16 weeks into using this strategy, my portfolio is up 3x. I told myself I would hold on for a year before touching the portfolio, but damn is it tempting to take profits.



It’s tough. Buy and hold is a great strategy but depending on your tax position, you might consider scalping some profits on the coins that see a huge parabolic rise and then put a buy order in to catch the dip and ride the wave back up.


It’s healthy to take even just a few hundred dollars as profit just to get that small euphoria. Yes, there are tax implications, but it gets you familiar with cashing out is ok.


Hey @cryptoBrad

Curious about what key insights you took away from playing around with the spreadsheet.