Hodl Clothing is here!


HODL Clothing is about crypto. HODL clothing is for those who mostly think about crypto. HODL clothing is not crypto though. If you’re in this game- it’s often ruthless. There are times bags get so heavy, you look up to the skies, praying for some of that green to appear amidst the clouds of red. And sometimes there is no worry in the world as if you were lying in a field of careless green. Whether it’s time to celebrate or to motivate, our range of crypto related clothing and accessories will make sure proper HODL attitude is maintained.
And remember- nobody will buy your bags unless they know about them. Spread the word.


uhmm Welcome I suppose!


EDIT: Please read this in a supportive context, as I just realized that I came across as far harsher than intended!

I know it’s not my place to criticize as this is a free market. But maybe consider pivoting towards slogans that are actually supportive of the fundamentals of this revolution, rather than simply perpetrating these god awful memes? The last thing we need is more people wearing buzz words that make a mockery of our beloved industry.

I may not speak for everyone, but as a crypto enthusiast, these slogans put me on tilt. You essentially ostracize a large portion of your target demographic. I suspect you may have a lot more success selling products that actually appease crypto enthusiasts.

Of course I could be wrong. Just my 2 cents. And hopefully I didn’t offend. :slight_smile:


People must execute with that they do. We’ll take all the experimentation we can!


Thank you for honesty! I am doing it less than one month! Will take your advice! :blush:
P.S. you can also make your custom design in our website. :v:t2:


pretty sure this is the best seller :beetconnect: :joy:


Good for you man!

The purpose of experimentation is to qualify the results, which in turn prompts refinement and evolution. You may find that you have a decent market and do well. If not, then it will be easy for you to adapt, as you already have the necessary infrastructure in place.

That being said, there are a few items that I do like, so even with idiots like me criticizing, you may still get our money. :wink:


Thanks man! Really appreciate!