Hodlers, what to do?

I don’t get frustrated because these changes are normal and in the past it ended up back up. Unless you’re day trading you shouldn’t fixate on the charts and daily price changes.

You have to treat it as a risk and be prepared to lose it all - when you do that you don’t get so hung up on it going down.

Maybe easier said than done but if you wanna be in the game you have to have your head straight.


DCA and don’t pay attention to the charts. I find other things to fill my time with. Read books, go on hikes, just get away from screens.


hhaha i love this! great advice


Unglue your eyes from the screen. Go learn a new skill, go outside, enjoy life


Learn how to earn more of that fiat and keep DCA-ing . 4 years might be long but there are huge gains to be made thats why we go long term :wink:


Have some herbal refreshments. Chill bro. Invest in the main coins. Btc, ltc, eth, etc. throw in a few long shots . Trx, ada, . Btc and ltc have made gains since the correction. Hit that green and watch your portfolio turn green. Lol. If you got involved before nov -dec epic rise we all seen our crypto explode! Almost to the point we expect it to make gains like that all the time. 2017 was awesome. It’s rising back up. Hodl and you’ll be ok.


I got into Crypto last year July

Yea Nov/Dec i made huge gains.

Its just frustrating that this market is going sideways.

im In IT so my Job is to stare at a screen all day so i always have my portfolio open in a tab.

I have always been patient when trading always made calculated decisions and hold till the time is right.

I dont know why but this last week i just want to punch my screen.

I guess my Job is adding to the frustration.


Yip been hodling some coins for quite some time. I have made im up i have not lost money from the fiat i have put in


What Lennytrader said.



You know that feeling when you want to make the gains but all we can do is hodl. True, we should probably avoid charts and go out and do something more leisure. But want to make some side gains and the Only thing i can think of is mining.

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In months like these I like to swap the candle stick colours round and turn my monitor upside down :+1: I feel fuckin great


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