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Good security guide. I will definitely try some of points.

Another poor man’s option is to set up an operating system dedicated for trading in a virtual environment (e.g. ‘virtualbox + Debian Linux’ is free). The virtualbox offers disk encryption option so that even if one loses its computer, the trading OS is encrypted. The Virtualbox allows one to import and export the OS, which is a channel for regular full OS backup.

The firewall settings inside the Virtualbox OS plus the virtualbox network settings could be an extra depth of defense if not the equivalence of a physical firewall device. Combined with an VPN inside the virtualbox OS, the network traffic shall be protected.

Anti-virus and Anti Malware is naturally a separate topic in the whole picture: Virtualbox solution (or any other hardware solutions) can not resist ‘keystroke recorders’.


Nice! Thank you. Will definitely do more research about that.
Really need to beef up my network security before continuing.


With the release of the new hardware vulnerabilities what steps are there for resisting ‘keystroke recorders’ if they have infiltrated and what is a way to prevent their infiltration from even happening. Would a virus scan of a downloaded file before opening already be too late?


Sorry if this is the wrong thread to ask this, but I didn’t see any threads addressing VPN’s…Im currently using PIA (Private Internet Access) VPN. Im up for renewal but wanted to see if anyone had a better and more reliable vpn provider to suggest. ? Thank you in advance.


Some VPN talk on this thread.


Thanks for detailed guidelines.I am at the beginning of grasping these important details about security.And toes in with few coins.Again much appreciated and will attempt the software terminology,I’m not yet familiar with yets.To the Moon!


A fantastic post that needs more views…


The ‘meltdown and spectre’ CPU bug potentially leads to the leak of data on the CPU RAM. It’s not a ‘keystroke record’ by definition. You can do a full scan of your PCs with the Nessus tool here:
https://www.tenable.com/downloads/nessus (You have 7 days of free trial.)

Nessus interface gives a dedicated scan policy on ‘meltdown and spectre’.

For virus and malware:

  1. Windows: Windows defender (free) + malwarebytes (free trial)
  2. MacOS/Linux: Bitdefender (free)

Consider a virtualbox solution(https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads) to increase your defence depth (it is free):



I need to implement many things you discussed, a couple other things I do is I bought a laptop that has a manual WI/Fi
Switch so every time I’m done I switch to airplane mode.
One more thing I’m doing this week is going to the Re-PC store & buying an old printer that does not have WiFi “only plug & play that way your offline cold wallets or any crypto related passwords you have printed can not be easily hacked because only time you use this printer is when you plug in for seconds


How about using a VPI, like Tunnel Bear, does that make your pc a lot more secure?

thanks, great write up btw. Phew I have a LOT to learn!


I was just considering wallet security today, and Peters ethos review prompted me to look up this post. I wonder what peoples’ opinions are regarding multiple hardware wallets. Eg if you had 2 ledger nano s’s, would you:

a) Just use one as a backup of the other by importing your private keys, or
b) Divide your assets over the 2 keys

I can see pro’s and cons of both. With 4 nano’s we could use a combination and so on, but it could get very messy :-/


Regarding storage of my keys, I have a pretty good system worked out and they are indestructable as well as unreadable to anyone who doesn’t know how. Also they are distributed securely. Now that may seem like over kill but… who knows maybe they will be worth the hassle one day lol.


Ah ok, 90 days looks good. I was also thinking "every 9 days…ufff this could be also a “tough task” "
But all in all thanks for the description…I am way not that careful with all the points that you mentioned but maybe should adopt this security levels step by step.


I was thinking the same…so many thinks to consider which I was not even thinking about before…but thats the way…step by step learning


Yeah, I’m on linux Mint as well and my ledger nano S has trouble with it sometimes. My ether wallet works well by my Bitcoin doesn’t. So I use paper wallets Bitcoin.


A considerable option for security is running TAILS :slight_smile:https://tails.boum.org/