Hop on the crypto Starship!

What do you all think about the theory that cryptos are in it’s infancy and hardly anyone is in the market and as soon as the “masses” wake up and “get it” everything will moon? Coinbase is really the only exchange where non-technical people can easily get in and participate and I think that what we saw in December was just a small glimpse of where we are heading. The bitcoin market is so small (only 21 million can ever be minted) and with Litecoin only 84 million. I just don’t personally see any downside with throwing money at these coins (on Coinbase) because the flood gates haven’t even opened yet.

ETH may be the exception since it technically is not a currency.

When the gates open and the millions upon millions want crypto what else are they going to buy when Coinbase is the giant on-ramp to the cryptos?

There are billions of people looking to escape the current “central banking” system. Many are trapped in 1-2% gains on their 401K’s. We basically have to pay our banks to store our money because there is no interest in a savings account. How long do you think it will be before there is a giant “screw this!” moment and everyone hops on board the crypto starship?


I think that is exactly where crypto is atm I love the gains and even more important is people have started to wake up and realize what a scam fiat currency is.


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As you read the threads here you will see varying degrees of agreement with your thoughts above along with others will disagree on some points, but the overall sentiment is like minded with yourself.

This topic to me is extremely vague in that each of those questions has been discussed and continue to be in specific threads as each question is deserving of its own thread or multiple threads.


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