How an analyst valued bitcoin to hit 20k to 25k by end of this year ***Must Watch***

This was a good video on how one analyst, Tom Lee is forecasting bitcoin to hit 20k to 25k by the end of this year. It actually is a pretty conservative estimate.


Wow, going out on a limb are we, predicting something that it already almost hit in January

Come one, an analyst should at least be able to comfortably say that we’ll hit 40K USD this year.

(hence this vid was uploaded in Oct)


You have to remember, this guy is getting heat for just forecasting bitcoin to hit 25k. His reputation and company is on the line so the 25k is a reasonable forecast that is possible achievable based on calculations and not just a random number thrown out there.


when the video was uploaded btc was 5500 so then 25k is not such a conservative estimate

i thought this was a video recently uploaded as typically people don’t upload stuff that is 4 months old because that is an eternity in cryptos


nevertheless, it’s a good video that actual explains the mathematics and analysis behind the valuation and not just someone like you and I or anyone else that says bitcoin is going to be at some value with no explanation.


Bragging rights :
Total noob about everything, even life. Started investigating Bitcoin a month ago because I wanted to figure out what its actual value was.
Some people said it was gold, some said it was worth nothing.
After a few days of research, my guess was that its value was backed by the value of the network.

Give me a cookie.

People who believe Bitcoin has no intrinsic value believe that work towards the creation of the craziest network ever built has no worth.


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