How Bitcoin helped me recieve protection status in France

So I will keep a lot of information confidential since my family is still in the country that I escaped from and I don’t want to risk having them investigated or persecuted. I won’t be able to to tell you the reason why I decided to illegally migrate to France but I can only tell you that my life was in real danger and I didn’t come for any economic reasons.

I chose to take a very unusual route to come to Europe. I went to Brazil and crossed the Amazon by a boat to a French territory in South America called French Guyana. I wouldn’t advise anyone to that because life is very difficult there. Now, I encountered many obstacles in this journey and one of them was money. For example, when I landed in Brazil (Sao Paulo), the currency exchange office at the airport (governmental) refused to exchange my Euros for Brazilian Reals since my country -Syria- is not listed on their system. Anyway, I asked a random guy to exchange my money with his passport. I didn’t use Bitcoin for that but I was pretty frustrated that day…

When I arrived in Guyane I stayed at a house full of people. One guy decided to go back to Brazil because it was too hard for him. He packed his stuff and put my fucking passport in his bag by mistake. Without my passport, I couldn’t process my documents or even go outside the house. He also didn’t have enough money to pay for shipping them from Brazil (It costs 180 euros!). But thank God for Bitcoin I was able to sell my some for Reals by Localbitcoins and send the money to a friend of his who then paid for the shipping. Got my passport, gave the gov my docs, and after six months of absoluty fighting my way for survival like living outside under the tropical rain, sometimes not having money for food, walking very long distances every day to government offices and staying at the hospital for 3 weeks… they finally granted international protection! And last month the prefecture gave me a shiny new Europian passport that enabled me to fly to Paris where I will start my new life :heart:
A week before heading to Paris I decided to pay a visit to the Europian space agency in Guyane and took this picture. Btw is it just me or my life events seems to correlate a lot with Bitcoin prices :rocket:


Mad respect Basem! Let’s stay in touch and meet maybe one day, if you ever plan to come near dusseldorf hit me up.


Wow! Amazing! Keep us updated on how it all goes!


I sure will. I will visit my brother in Germany soon :wink:


Thank you Peter. You have no idea how much your videos motivate me every day to wake up in the morning and grind hard to secure a decent life for me and my family. I’m working on a Youtube channel for Arabic viewers to teach them all about crypto. We’re the ones who actually need this technology since we’re ruled by dictators. I hope I will manage to attract that juicy oil money and pump up the price (I lived in Dubai for 13 yrs btw :dromedary_camel:)


Great story! Glad you made it. I have also several times thought about starting a channel but i’m not that great on camera i think. I live and breath crypto so i do love this space.
Hope to hear more about your adventure…


I don’t think I’m that great either but we can practice. Where you from?


That is true , although i think some people are just naturally more charismatic then others :slight_smile:
Still does not hurt to try, its free and gives me joy so who knows maybe i give it a try.
I’m originally from Iran but lived in Sweden for like 30 years. And i totally agree with you that the people who need this technology are the ones living in our countries.


Exactly… Actually, I wanted to stay away from everything related to Arabic after witnessing the horrors of the middle east and make my channel in English. But then I had a change of heart in this journey and felt that it’s not about being famous and having lots of subs. It’s about adopting the responsibility of spreading the message of financial freedom to the people who need it most
به سلامتی!


Incredible story @basem. Glad you made it though, and let us all know about your journey!


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