How I made $9,000 USD PROFIT IN ONE DAY trading one crypto


Hi all, I’m creating this post, not to brag, but to share my experience, so that hopefully other cryptonation / bitcoinpub members can have the same or better success.

The other reason that I’m making a post is because @peter asked me to do so and this is my way of giving a bit back to the community as I’ve made a lot of money since joining and by listening to Peter.

So let me start off by being a wanker and say, do your own due diligence and this is not financial advice :wink:

I ended the day with a 7500 USD profit, but at one point I had 9000 USD profit, so I at one point also lost 1500 USD and I just wanted to throw that in here to show how high risk this is and to add perspective.

I had this success with Groestlcoin (GRS). My key advise would be, invest in a coin (such as GRS) that is very volatile (so can go up real quick but can go down real quick as well). In addition to it being a volatile coin, make sure that it is a coin that you believe in for the long term, in case you are making big losses, if you’ll hold mid term you’ll still end up on top. Also make sure that enough people are trading the coin every minute, because you don’t want to wait 15 minutes for somebody to buy from you.

GRS started a bit over a week ago at 10 cents, then it flew up to 30 cents. I heard many people saying, don’t jump on a spike (which is generally not advised, but big risk big reward), and they were also saying wait for the pullback. Typically there is a 50% pullback after a big spike, so it easily could have gone down from 30 cents to 15 cents. But I thought, what if 30 is not the peak, what if 50 cents is the peak or 70 cents? I quickly did some Youtube searches on the coin and saw some people predicting 3-5 USD range for this coin (of course you should not 100% base your decision on that, but I took the risk). So I jumped in.

Then the coin jumped from 30 cents to 1.25 USD so I have to admit I naturally got a lot of gains from the coin itself going up. However I further increased my gains by gains swing trading, after having watched peters RSI video.

The two main tools you want to use are MACD and RSI.

Essentially what I did, I looked at the 1 minute chart and bought at low, and sold at high, every time taking 2,5% profit. If you do this with 10 000 USD, this means you are making 250 USD per hit.

I won’t share how much money I invested in total in GRS, but in my opinion you can easily make several 1000 USD profit per day based on the above scenario.

I have to admit, at the end of the day I had a sore ass ;P, as I was swing trading from 7 AM to 11 PM, with only 2 hours of break in between, so 14 hours in total, but it was worth it.

So eventually I made 7500 USD profit and smashed it into bitcoin. To add some perspective, if you’d do that full time for a whole year and you have the same result every day, you would have 2,7 M USD profit. Of course you will never consistently have that kind of performance, sometimes it will be better, sometimes it will be worse.

Of course no sane person will do swing trading 14 hours a day for 365 days a year, but it gives you an idea of what is possible, let alone if you do it with more than 10 000 USD per swing.

Some might ask, was it not stressful? For me not at all, because I saw that what I was doing worked over and over again and the key thing is, don’t invest what you can’t afford to loose. So I used some of my money that I had saved up, I didn’t use the money that I have to buy my groceries from. It is a lot of money for me as I’m not rich, and it sounds weird to say, but in the end it is just money. Remember people, the last suit that you wear has holes in the pockets. Enjoy life, take profits, reap the benefits but keep investing :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.

Please don’t send me DM’s about this topic. Better to keep a discussion going in this thread, so that everyone can benefit from the discussion.

I want to finish off with suggesting you guys to sign up as a patreon for the bitcoin pub. The work that Peter has put in for us is amazing and I personally think it is worth to just give 5 or 15 USD a month to support the pub, to keep on paying for those server costs and to make sure Peter can keep on cranking out awesome content for us.

I’ve made quite some good money following Peters advice and just giving back a little bit is more than fair.

I have to give credit also to @cryptoserb for providing the tip on this amazing GRS coin.

Good luck everyone, SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON :slight_smile:

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Great Links NEEDED!
My friend said he quadrupled her bitcoin in just 2 weeks doing swing trade. Is that really possible?
Congrats to @HarryvdV for... :thinking: :doge: :troll:

Have you had many losses trading this way?


Great written article. Lots of info. But a few more questions. Since were talking about only 1 day here how much time did you have in between trades? For example How long did it take to get to that 1,15 from 0,10. Just waiting or multiple trades? When did you realise that thats the highest number you would wait for? Im not sure if all this makes sense the way i typed it lol


This was the first time trading this way, so I have not had these kinds of losses. I got a bit sick and tired of investing in NEO and see it go down and be at the same level all the time. I thought, I want some profits, so I sold all my NEO (as I didn’t expect any good news out of China with a week) and made it happen.


5-10 minutes per trade

I looked at the RSI where it would top out at and I decided to not be too greedy so I didn’t always try to wait for the 70% line but sometimes also sold at the 60% line and not always waited to buy at the 30% line but sometimes also buy at 40%.

A key is to not be greedy, because if you are greedy you can loose as well. Better “safe” than sorry, for as far as you can claim “safe” by doing this.

I also did only one trade, as otherwise in my opinion it is too much to focus on, just do one thing.


Fair play.

High risk, high reward.

Nice one Harry ! :raised_hands:t4::muscle:t4::smiley:


Thanks Anthony :slight_smile: fdafdas asdf


Great article Harry!

I just want to add a specific thing. Daytrading is not easy, and watching RSI and MACD is far from enough.
Our man Harry made tons of money because of specific nature of the coin itself.
Doing the same thing with different coin would net catastrophic loss.

We can pinpoint what characteristics of the coin made all this possible :

  • people’s idea it can go up 10x, coz you need suckers who will buy your high offer repeadetly
  • huge volume, 1000s of BTC daily
  • whales playing huge role in ampliflying cycles

No amount of daytrading works if general trend is downwards.
Other than that congrats Harry! :doge: I’ve made some GRS gains too, and picking right coin and right day was 66% of work.


Thanks for adding these thoughts Frag. I agree with your points.


This is wonderful man. Very encouraging. It can be coin specific, however, the simple tools discussed here can help people make pretty solid gains over time. Love it!


Cheers brother fad sdfa


I don’t trade at all but…
It would be interesting if we joined you next time and see how much we make for the science ? :slight_smile:


A daytrading livestream with screensharing would be amazing!


Well played! :slight_smile:

VTC was also offering similar swing trade opportunities (IMO)

I enjoyed reading this!

@peter is such a legend!!!


Thanks, indeed he is :slight_smile: I like VTC a lot.


I would agree with all of this… Not to rain on Harrys parade but I would be very cautious trying to emulate what he has done.

The title of this thread is also very deceiving. it should say “swing trading GRS” and not “swing trading cryptos”

Swing trading a coin the forum was tipped on during a whale manupulated window is not the same as swing trading several cryptos getting in and out of your swings and predicted bottoms and tops based on TA and market emotion. I also would caution extrapolating results out from such a small sample.

id hate to see people jump on say curecoin and get crushed with losses today

I also dont really agree with “swing in a coin you believe in so if it goes down you can hodl”… this just ties up your funds in a loss indefinitely while you could be making money on other swings. you need to be able to cut losses if you are going to be swing trading.

i think harry did a great job staying on top of GRS but i wouldnt say this is a typical situation when it comes to swing trading. also if you are swing trading, you need to really have alot of money invested… like a least .5 BTC. on most swing you are making 3-5% and if you are only doing that with like $100-$500 USD its not going to get you very far

I also think you should say how much you investred or the % incease you saw total. to help give people an idea of the gains. for example if you invested a million dollars and made 9000 thats a bit less helpful then if you invested 1000 and made 9000.


One thing I will add to this discussion. GRS was the first coin I experienced right from the 0.30 range all the way to $1 range and I, too made several profitable trades to tripling the funds I initially started with.

The biggest take away for me: patience is rewarding. I now know more about what I’m looking for in terms of a coin that has the potential to make a profit. It has had the effect of quailing my FOMO on many other coins. What I mean by that is I’m now more willing than before to simply wait for the “right setup” before attempting to day/swing trade to profits. It is kind of weird, but until you see it unfold live for the first time firsthand, no amount of reading can instill the practical knowledge gained from such a breakout episode.

Another thing I’ve started focusing on is SMALLER profits per trade. Instead of trying to win with 15% and 20%, which sometimes win in the same day, but often times taking multiple weeks, I’m trying to win at around 2% each day each trade. That may not seem like a lot but check out this profit chart for 1% to 4% gains every day:


At 2% gains per day, you’re very nearly doubling your funds in a month’s time. at 3% you’re more than doubling.

For about two weeks now, I’ve been focused on making at least 1% gains per day. In reality, I’m fluctuating between 1% and 2.5% with my first real “big breakout” day being GRS. So…just focusing on small percentage gains can often lead you to a big gain and worth sitting on your butt for 14 hours as @HarryvdV did.

To maximize profits, I don’t set sell orders at 1%, what I do is make the trade into a position, set a stop loss at -2% and then wait on it to climb 1% (my target). If it has momentum behind it, I’ll let it ride and set a stop-loss order at +1% once it’s climbed a bit past that point. Then I will repeatedly adjust the stop-loss higher until it eventually cashes out on retracement. This way, if there is a sudden reversal, my order is standing ready to close out.


The use of the stop loss is vital isn’t it. The shorter the trade, the tighter you can make that stop loss.


nice work man, ive considered using the 1 minute chart and tone vays’ TD sequential indicator short term swing trading with a small investment, im still finding my feet with trading
any thoughts?


this is a much more sustainable model IMO