How I made $9,000 USD PROFIT IN ONE DAY trading one crypto


Thanks Nathan, yeah my ass literally still hurt 3 days after so I’m glad in my office I have a standing desk, holy cow haha


Thanks Moxie! :slight_smile: fsadfa


@mwlang I really like the information you share regarding your trading strategies and execution of it. keep up the solid work! :fist_right:


Thank you so much, I found a new possibility to make my small money grow! I made something similar in the good moments of NEO, but like this it is a very good opportuinity!


My pleasure :slight_smile: glad it helps


It looks like it’s moving again!


Excellent post very informative @HarryvdV thanks! Can anyone elaborate on what they look for on a coin for day trade? For example, what’s a good volume? Price? To be trade with BTC or Fiat? Thanks guys


Which platform do you use for trading coins with multiplier, like a turbo or sprinter? Ty


Thanks, glad it was helpful.

In regards to your question, see my original post.

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thanky you but i mean the platform where i can buy btc or something like that with a multiplier.


coinbase for btc and then transfer to bittrex for alt coins


Thanks for all this inof @HarryvdV . Please where do you currently trade with leverage?



I’m not actively trading, currently just hodling NEO GRS and BTC (have GAS, ICX and MCF as well but not doing anything with that).


I was referring to this particular trade in this post where you made 9,000?



I used bittrex and tradingview


Why not use GAS to accumulate more Bitcoin? GAS’ true value should be in the triple digits in the future, and accumulating more BTC by holding NEO would not only be simple, but beneficial.


I will in the future, once it hits bittrex. Right now I can’t be arsed to sign up for yet another exchange in order to sell the GAS.


Just as a heads up, Binance doesn’t charge trading fees for deposits or NEO/GAS :wink: .


Tnx for the tip, would still have to sign up to binance though :wink: Not worth the time, will wait till bittrex has support for it.