How I made $9,000 USD PROFIT IN ONE DAY trading one crypto


Thank you for sharing!! I’ve never thought of using RSI on the 1 minute chart in this manner. Makes sense on those high volume coins of the day where there is a ton of BTC moving around. Not a bad strategy by the looks of it! I’ll have to give it a shot with a small amount. Going to try back testing it on EMC2 and VTC during their big daily bull runs.

This trading style is called “scalping”, by the way; not swing trading. Swing trading means you HODL anywhere from 2 days to 6 days before selling.


Hell yeah scalping, even a more fun term :slight_smile:

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Fell outta my chair on that one!


I leave my day trading to my trading bot :stuck_out_tongue: no stress then


When I’m tracking with RSI on tradingview, the chart movement doesn’t match the exchange movement. I’ve tried the coinbase and bittrex charting in tradingview, but the price movement doesn’t always match. I’m not sure how you could do it on the minute tracking then. What charting site and exchange are you using?


tradingview n bittrex


Thanks, when I select that in tradingview the BTCUSDT from the list and go to the detail chart, then I get the Poloniex exchange detail. I guess that’s where I am missing it. How do you get tradingview to show the detail chart for the exchange you are trading from?


It’s great tech, it’s one I like but still not in.

Got in top 100 now out odd. Still loads as has $PASC in the same way.


i added some top art.


Saw that, thanks for that :slight_smile: much better now haha


For any of you haveing problems with finding your coin and exchange you can try exchangename:Coin
like Bittrex: BTC a quick way to look up the coin on the exchange your trading on on Tradingview


this is what a ping pong bot does


What timeframe of the chart do you look at for this way of trading?


This is ICX for the last three days.


nice info man, thanks!!

I also like this method of trading but currently doing it with smaller amounts. I think the key with this is to look for coins which could also be a long term HODL so if you are caught up in a bit of a crash then you can keep some confidence knowing its something you would invest in long term anyway.

I think you have slightly bigger balls than me with you smashing on 10k a time though but fair play to you, sir!


I am a newb here, and just read through this thread. OMG, I am overwhelmed, there is so much here!!! I feel like I won the lottery finding this site/community. I am not a fortune teller, but I see many hours being spent here in the coming days, weeks, months… I want to learn how to do this!!! Much much reading to do. If anyone has some suggestions on where to start that would be wonderful. So incredibly grateful to have found this place. :btc::litecoin::bitrocket::star_struck::woman_student::crossed_fingers::butterfly:


Could you suggest us a coin to try this tactic. I have been practice with 100 eur of ICX but it is a little slow :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, thanks buddy, well the beauty of smashing 10k in is that if it goes up 2,5% that you get 250 USD each hit.

You are right, you want to do it on a coin that you don’t mind hodling.


Start here :slight_smile: and welcome to


I’m currently not really actively looking at which coins move a lot, so others might be able to give you a better pointer, but an interesting time zone you might want to consider when the Koreans wake up :slight_smile: