How I made $9,000 USD PROFIT IN ONE DAY trading one crypto


Oh Good trick so plus 6-7 hour of my time then.


Make sure to do the B90X program!


thanks for the info/support! Amazing community!


thanks so much Peter!!! Amazing place you have here. Really appreciate the info/support!!!


Thanks!! I have already started going through the content for newbs. @peter thanks!!! but wait there’s more lol!!! This amazing platform ( gave me a little poke on how to improve replies…It just automatically popped up and said “hey, do it this way instead, it’s better” Unbelievable how good this is!!! I am blown away! Wow!


I still come back to this thread to remind myself of how many folks are winning in crypto… and how many more we have to educate.



What you practice, gets better over time!


You’re welcome :slight_smile: How has it been going since you joined?


Maybe bitcoin helps you to make 9000$ in a day.


Thanks for giving something back, it takes a lot of courage to actually post your strategy on here and I appreciate you giving us an insight into what you do.
Keep managing risk and you’ll beat the markets :fist:

And remember keep a big bag of icx :rocket:(shill)


I was not all interested all this but after reading this article I got motivation for investing it for the first time thanks for sharing such great experience.


@HarryvdV is a badass mofo. :sunglasses:


The article gives food for thought. Generally, such publications help to understand the sense and the idea of investing on the Internet, not just bitcoins.

Why philosophy matters in the cryptospace

How is it high risk? He swing trades the same day with huge input. Crypto trading is actually profitable that way.


Thanks for a great article, well done.
It would be cool if you used portfolio tracker.

There you can share your portfolio so that others can see your trades and performance and start following you.

I would definetly follow you :slight_smile: