How I'm using trailing stops on Bitmex to exploit pumps and dumps!


Hi guys,

I’ve made a 20 minute detailed video and written an accompanying article to how I use Trailing stops to exploit pumps and dumps. This will be part of a series of videos I’m planning to release over the coming weeks and months. Future videos will reveal a number of other strategies I use such as technical indicators etc.

Have a watch/ read and let me know what you think!


Wow! Welcome back to the Pub! And you brought goodies!!!


Hi… yes sorry I was very busy for much of last year so didn’t frequent any forums at all tbh! I’ve a few open scripts I’ve been editing/ publishing on Trading View so planning on making videos about them plus will explain much of my trading method!


@SteveMcmahon create a post in our Crypto Youtube section if you’d like to keep us all up on your video posts! Welcome back!


I’ll have a look soon, thanks!

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