How Much Do Blockchain Jobs Pay?


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The demand for blockchain talent is still strong. Despite the bear market and recent industry layoffs, the number of blockchain job postings have been on the rise, and searches for roles involving Bitcoin, Ethereum, blockchain and cryptocurrency have increased.

Startups are offering top compensation packages, in particular for blockchain developers, as they compete for talent in an industry where supply is limited. The demand for blockchain talent has also grown as established companies, such as Amazon, Facebook and IBM, launch new teams to work on blockchain technology, and explore blockchain use cases.

Blockchain salaries have risen to be among the highest in the tech industry.

Key Findings

We looked at all the blockchain jobs that have been listed on Cryptocurrency Jobs to estimate the average base salary for technical and non-technical roles in the blockchain industry across Asia, Canada, Europe, and the U.S. We created a separate category for remote blockchain jobs.

We excluded salary data points that were either a lot lower or higher than expected. All average base salaries are listed in U.S. dollars. These estimates do not factor in variable compensation, such as equity, signing bonus or any perks a company may offer.

Average base salaries for 15 different blockchain job titles by region

The data also showed that the highest paid salaries are found in New York and San Francisco. This is also where the majority of blockchain jobs are found.

The Big Picture: Blockchain Developer Salaries

How much does a blockchain developer make?

  • The average base salary for a blockchain developer in Asia is $87,500 per year, with a low base salary of $60,000 and a high base salary of $120,000.
  • The average base salary for a blockchain developer in Europe is $73,300 per year, with a low base salary of $55,000 and a high base salary of $91,000.
  • The average base salary for a blockchain developer in the U.S. is $136,000 per year, with a low base salary of $70,000 and a high base salary of $200,000.
  • The average base salary for a remote blockchain developer is $123,750 per year, with a low base salary of $70,000 and a high base salary of $200,000.

You can explore salary ranges for all job titles listed in this article by clicking here.

Transparency in the Blockchain Industry

We have provided these salary estimates to help you know your worth so you can make more informed career decisions. But this is also an initiative to bring transparency into the blockchain industry and help create pay equity in the workplace.

The dataset used to estimate average base salaries is limited, but this starts the conversation. If you would like to contribute, you can share your salary anonymously by filling out this form.

As the dataset grows, more job roles will be added. Salary estimates will also be updated regularly.


what do you study or what certificate needed to become engineer, solidity etc…?


I assume that they accept any type of software engineering background considering how new blockchain is. Once you dive into this space as a developer, there’s still a lot to learn and hoops to go through. This is why there really isn’t any “blockchain experts” at the moment.


In a software engineer interview I had, they were very specific and wanted someone with blockchain experience using Boost and C++11. They also wanted me to relocate near DC and was offering starting pay at $150k. I think they will let you know exactly what they are looking for, from smart contracts to specific services like finance, etc. People don’t hire you to train you, or for you to learn on the job. Blockchain is new, but no one is going to pay you $75 an hour to figure it out. Have something that you can show them, github repo, projects you have worked on. certifications from or and can get your foot in the door.

This article is great, because it references multiple positions and opportunities. Go for what you can get now and work up if you have to. Just be careful not to get caught in the trap of building other’s ideas and dreams.



This is awesome Native Thank you