How to Add THE PUB to Your iPhone Homescreen!


This is actually quite simple!

1. Open up Safari

2. Visit the Pub ( and Click the Share Link

3. Add to Homescreen

4. Then Hit Save!

That’s it!

Should look like this:

Now, YOUR TURN!! Share your homescreen images below in the thread!

The bitcoin pub mobile app
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yo!!! that’s whats up! making it an app!


My new iPhone home screen with The Bitcoin Pub !!! Yo!!!

August 12, 2017 - ROLL CALL - Excited Today!

Yo! U need a bigger garage! Maybe bigger house!
Tell Boo to start looking for a bigger place! :+1::+1:


works pretty much the same for Android too … just open on your browser and then select add to homescreen … Awesome tip


More people need to know about this. :stuck_out_tongue:


This has destroyed my productivity. Way too easy to access, lol. :grimacing:


I had thought about this just yesterday!


This is what makes it Gold!


DONE! Great tip. Thanks for sharing @john

That new icon looks good on my home screen!


WHOOT! Looking good my friend!

Love for you to try George when it comes out (I see you use Todoist):


Looks epic! Such a busy screen.


I’m looking forward to checking out George! I used Nozbe for a few years and switched to Todoist last year. I’ll be interested to compare it!


works on android too


Will there ever be a bitcoin pub app? Or, is this sufficient?


Never say never…!!!


more people need to install this!


Hells ya. Now that’s BRILLIANT!!!