How To Become a Community Leader

Many of you have asked how one becomes a Community Leader and/or Moderator here on The Bitcoin Pub. That’s a great question and we’re glad you asked!

For now, the only high-level requirement is this: You have a history of positive engagement with the community (i.e. you didn’t just register an account).

This is a bit more fluid for now as the community is still very young (but we’re growing fast). Make sure that you read and understand what it means to become a Community Leader and the process that we follow here: Tour of Duty Overview.

The Application Process

We’re excited that you’re interested and we currently we don’t have an obvious application process. But, being part of the community for a bit and becoming a “well known” face is an important first step.

Second, you can always share a little more about yourself in this thread and tell us why you’d like to be a CL and what qualifies you (perhaps your experience moderating other communities) for the role! Give us the deets, no need to be modest!

Third, feel free to ask any questions here in the thread as well.


This would be cool to sign up for - for me maybe not right now though as life is hectic…!!! I’ll put my name forward for next round if I can…!!


Thanks @john keep up the good work. This has been by far the best online community that I have been apart of. Really keen to continue adding value and being a voice to the crypto nation!


whoa, this is some of the best feedback i’ve gotten today! :clap:t3: :blush: :tada:


I haven’t taken the time to introduce myself, or thank you for all that you do. You have so much kickass information here; I’ve been rather consumed with just learning. The amount of time put into making all this happen isn’t lost on me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this.



Instead of spending money going out for a dinner, I started saving for more BTCs at the beginning of this year…
Then here comes the “FORK”.
What do I do? Should I sell my BTC? Will I lose everything?

It was a rainy day outside here in Perth, Australia.
While I was browsing the net, I found this video:

Then I got hooked up to Peter’s personality. I managed to relate to him.
He sounded like someone I can play a game and he will obey the rules and will not cheat…
He is married and have kids.
I am married & have cats :smiley:
I first signed up to his newsletters.
Then I signed up an account with
As the end of money is coming, I thought “goodoldfiat” may be somehow suitable.
It has been amazing to learn from other members of the pub.

The people here were real people… They were like clones of Peter :smiley: but everyone bringing different skills to the table.
Finally became a regular drunk in the pub and my thirst for knowledge increased as the BTC hit 4k, 5k…
I was there watching the live streams :smiley: :smiley:

I have been contributing to the pub contentwise time to time…
But I think I can do more.

I would like to contribute more to the cryptonation if not only John & Peter but if the community supports me and recognises me.

I will keep writing things.
May be build things & help the pub’s infrastructure.
Really excited to be part of you… Wish we had a teleportation device so that I can be with you all and talk about this stuff all day.
Maybe rocket travel one day? :slight_smile:


To help out, I’d just like the ability to move posts to the right area.

ICO Announce has too many “I’ve just bought $XYZ, what do you think about it?”

In fact I’d like to see “ICO Announce” to be moderated.

All titles should contain the bare minimum of:

$TOKEN_NAME: 4/5 word desc: Launch date

Body should contain some sort of overview and below is ONLY a guide, it’s a sort of, if people have time:

Basic overview extended
PoW, PoS, DPoS whatever
Amount to raise

Brief overview - IE number of developers v number of advisors
Background of said development team
Prior engagement in “scams” for any of the team? start date for developers if you can find out.

Link to white paper
Link to site

IMHO Overview:

Pros of ICO:
Cons of ICO

Also I think we could do with a sub area. like say

ALT Coin Watercooler

Which would be perfect for these many off-topic posts to ICO announce :slight_smile:


love this @goodoldfiat! this is exactly what we’d love to see happen more! your support means a ton!


Posts like yours make my day. It’s a huge reminder to me, to use discipline. By all means; if you have suggestions or want to see something implemented here - your voice will be heard. Your passion is the fuel we thrive on.


Hey y’all,

I would like to hone my professional skills as a moderator, in a professional setting. If we are living the blockchain designed lifestyle here, then we can strive for professionalism. I am making my living off of cryptocurrencies these days. So, special thanks to Peter, John, the great moderators, content producers, commentators, and new people who join every day.

 Although I am busy as a student plugging away at my MS in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance, also as a Founder of my own non-profit foundation, I am interested in becoming a community leader/moderator. This semester I am studying project management and data systems/security so I would like to apply that knowledge here. I think I have a history of positive engagement in the pub, despite the occasional rap music videos from time to time. I have been trying to minimize that. Of course, I'm not afraid to express my opinion or challenge duality. I can not be a hypocrite and must combat duality myself. Nobody is perfect, and we sharpen each other here.

As a Founder of a science and technology research institute (non-profit), I know what it means to practice leadership, build content, practice agile project management, and request tasks from our co-founders and advisers, while we all understand that we are volunteers and that we will be rewarded for our efforts as we serve others, develop our own products, and ship them over the long haul.

Also, I can see how this practice would be rewarding. I would love to serve and give back to the community. Plus, it is one of my goals to add a new accolade to my name each year. Well, that was last year, so this year I am striving for one every quarter.

“1. You will be given MOD Status (and a brand spankin’ new title) for 90 days.
2. You will gain access to a Staff-Only Forum (where we party all-day… jkjkjk).
3. To be determined SWAG and other kickass goodies.”

I want to be a Cybersecurity professional, so to practice here would be great. Also, SWAG never hurts, as long as its not too kickass, hehe.

Thanks for your time and consideration. I am ready to start whenever the need becomes most apparent. I will finish my 90 day runway and first semester at the beginning of July. So, perhaps July - September would be best. To be specific, I would like to Moderate the Cybersecurity threads, not so heavy in there, so I’m also open to other ideas where seen fit by existing leaders.


John Dailey


Oh shit they know.


It is up to the other @moderators, but you have my support.


lol! :sweat_smile: Thanks, man! No sweat! No pressure! :grin:


Your site is having an issue with it’s security certificate. adding more work to your day :wink:


This is something that I think is a great challenge and something new. I usually get my crowd going and doing things. I love meeting new ppl and chatting with them to see where they are going. At my job I do customer service and inventory. So this is right right up my alley. I’ve got 20 years of experience with customer service. So helping ppl with an open mind is what I do best. Before that in high school i was a football player that loved to motivate others and challenge them with friendly competition. So i would be honored to be considered to help this awesome community.


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