How to buy Bitcoin from Wyoming, US. Coinbase doesn't work! :(



I was not speaking for a coinbase account, but for other sites such as an example “CoinMamma”. I know many of my friends in NY have a similar problem. Local BTC might be a option to pursue.

I have the same struggles with ICO’s because of US Regulations. Often I have to wait to pick them up on ALT-Exchanges.


Though FYI Fees are very high. Then again if BTC is $8K+ this time next year, action is better than inaction.


I’ll do you a solid. Download a wallet. Paypal me how much cash you want and then I’ll buy the BTC with it then send it to you brother.


You could sign up for a Tether account, get verified (I didn’t see anything regarding individual state restrictions), deposit funds, transfer them to Bittrex, and then get Bitcoin on the USDT-BTC exchange. I’m not sure how long the Tether verification process takes, but it might be worth a shot. Good luck.


Thanks guys.

How long will it take to get the account verified on Tether?? Anyone have any idea??



You can deposit USD and link your bank account from Wyoming to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum at the Gemini exchange. This exchange is based in the U.S. also.
Once you purchase BTC or ETH you can transfer to Bittrex or Poloniex, etc. to buy other ALT coins.

Best of luck!


I did some fiat/crypto exchanging on I quite liked their user interface, but major downside is that you have little insight into the exchange rate they use untill you have some money ready to exchange.


I live in the US and yea it’s only a few states, lucky for me, since I’m in Arizona its not on their blacklist of states that are not able. If I knew a way to help you out I would.


Last night I started the process of registering on Kraken, it says it’s “processing”, so I’m not sure how long it takes. Not sure if Wyoming is on the no-go list for Kraken also.
I am checking Changelly now, I don’t on-line bank and you need to have an on-line bank code. Gemini will be a last resort it wants my ssn too, which is why I want out of CB.


Kraken took ages for me to verify as well, but I think you can submit the documents for tier 1 and tier 2 at the same time, so you won’t have to wait twice as long. I think it took them like a week just to check my ID photo…


buy mining hardware!! they can’t stop you from mining it. :slight_smile:


great thinking, as the exchanges get snarky we may need an underground pub outlet, I’m sure many in states that have prohibitions will pay a Premium for help!!! crypto is like playing “whack-a-mole” as a roadblock appears, new detours present!


idk where you are in Wyoming, but if it’s south, there is a bitcoin ATM
just across the border in greeley, and dispensaries. far more dispensaries.
contact the cosmic market and make sure it’s up and running…


another way to do it is to join a facebook group for bitcoin in your city/town and try to buy locally or to search for the bitcoin meetup group near your city/town and try to buy from a fellow bitcoiner