How to distribute between LSK - NEO - UBQ - OMG - PAY?

guys, like mentioned in the title…
how would you divide

currently I have a lot in all except OMG, because I thought it was a bit risky…
but it seems to be getting more and more traction and I want to move some more funds into it


Percentage wise 45% NEO and 30% OMG. I honestly don’t know much about Lisk, UBQ or TenX but I can tell you I’m deep in OMG and NEO and OMG has made me a happy camper so far :slight_smile: :rocket:


All solid projects. How much you put into them would depend on the potential risk reward based on those projects current and future development and the potential market cap they could reach in their sector. Also, is this short, mid or long term?

Lisk and Ubiq seem like good, steady organisations, and are reasonably cheap with lowish circulating coins but will they be market leaders in their area? Probably not Ubiq but Lisk has that easy adoption Java USP…and it’s Germanness. I think they’ll be with us in a couple of years with values in the double digits minimum. Personally hoping, they go mental.

Neo has been hyped a lot and has a price to match but the potential is huge in its market. OMG too, could be huge. Both of the latter coins have been projected to potentially be in the value of triple digits. TenX? Dunno, they get a lot of support and have a great community and a great team. Could be absolutely enormous too and have that actual live product.

Neo - 35%
OMG - 35%
Lisk - 10%
Ubiq - 10%
Pay - 10%

But keep in mind

no idea

You’ve got to do you own research and answer these questions based on that research.


thanks, for that nice analysis.
I do have them mixed up with a few more projects (to name a few, LUNYR, AUGUR and GAMECREDITS, which I noticed are very quiet but steadily adding games to their repository. You can now buy many AAA titles with gamecredits and it could well surprise many of us in the near term, I have a feeling)
Also I am holding BAT and WAVES and ETH.

In my portfolio, LSK and TENX are the biggest of the altcoins now, followed by NEO and OMG. I am a bit weary of NEO being pumped up too much, I am not sure how mature their code is, and if it is that much further from when it was still called Antshares. Not sure if they will deliver to all their promises…which is something that I like particularly about TENX (I doubled up today).

My largest position is BCH and I just sold my last BTC… will toggle between bitcoin cash and bitcoin, for the rest the idea is to HODLLLL and go on with my life…

…yeah right :stuck_out_tongue:


Need to look at Gamecredits.


their website etc are pretty much dead but then if you check their twitter account they have been adding quite a few nice games very recently. Somehow I like that about them :slight_smile:

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oh and i forgot to mention, i have a huge and disproportional position in hash rush, which is in its pre ico (one more day).
I was being irrational but still feel good about that, weirdly… i guess i gave in to a thrill, not -too-- proud of that. Will have to sit it out.


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