How to get paid in crypto?


Hi people :wave:

I work remotely for a company overseas and every month they send an international transfer with my money according to the hours I did.

I live in Argentina working for a French company so the payment (for the specific bank I use) goes from París to Madrid (-50€ bank commission right there) and then Madrid to Buenos Aires (-50€ more) and it’s -10€ in taxes for a grand total of 110€ for each transfer. Is waaay too expensive and slow to be using.

So I was going to ask my company if I can get paid in crypto. But I’m wondering if you would point me in the right direction here because I can’t go with BTC right away because of it’s volatility and I can’t be hodling my salary because I use that to live and support my family.

Could someone comment on this? I know there are plenty of people around the world being paid in crypto already but I don’t know if I qualify for such benefits being in my country.

Thanks in advance!


OMG 110€ for transfer that’s awful.

I assume that isn’t crypto company?

Best thing I can see right now for you is to use


It’s a software company but not related to crypto. I would love to be working to a crypto company. I was checking bitwage right now to see how it works but SMS’s didn’t came through and they blocked my account temporarily because of too many attempts :sweat: Will have to add the authenticator entry now XD


Try to connect them directly and they also will help you to setup your account


Well guys, I don’t think I’m going to be using Bitwage. SMSs aren’t coming through on the registration. Support is telling me that they can’t help me if I don’t have a registered account but I can’t register if SMS validation is not working…
So I tried downloading the shitty bitwage App but can’t login there either if I don’t first validate via SMS…
Google Authenticator does not work either until you get verified via SMS…
There is no warning that your account will blocked for 24 HOURS!!! if you attempt to send the SMS more than 3 times???
Support answered a single one liner to my many questions so that wont help.
You can imagine I won’t be having my salary on a service that I can’t even register to.
Seems like a very crappy service overall. Noticed several major functionality issues and I didn’t even started to use the frikin’ service lol