How to make time for 100 Days Of Code

My time at freeCodeCamp was a fun and exciting one. When I first began with freeCodeCamp, I’d often come across this message, which also sounded like a preamble —

Let’s pick up a new skill and get a new job, all in a few months.

You will see a lot of articles like “Hey all, I was a school teacher before, and now I’m earning $100k as a engineer for x startup”. If you’re starting out in web development and you surround yourself with other people who want to achieve things — they will, you know, achieve. And so will you!

There’s a bit of expectation vs. reality here. If you are the kind of person that can memorize a ton of information relating to your chosen field, then you’re onto a winner. As for myself, it’s about repetition and repetition, until it becomes a habit. And there’s a lot to be said about habits.

Forming habits takes time though. On December 30, 2016, I decided to take part in the #100DaysOfCode challenge. I couldn’t give you an idea of how I felt then, but reviewing the log entries I seemed pretty confused and a little frustrated with it all.

At the end of it, it’s definitely been an enriching and life changing experience for me. Along the way I have met some truly awesome and inspiring people, happy to help with any issues or problems you may have. The support I found not just in the #100DaysOfCode community but the web dev community as a whole is truly amazing.

I’m going to go over some steps I have taken to help me with learning to code (again) and cracking #100DaysOfCode.



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