How to not Destroy Millions in Smart Contracts

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Last night we had the pleasure of hosting our fourth Blockchain Academy event — How to not Destroy Millions in Smart Contracts. For those of you not familiar with the community, Blockchain Academy is a community of technologists that was created to help developers interested in learning more about blockchain technology.

The event was hosted at our new offices at Labs Tel Aviv, on the 60th floor of the Sarona Azrieli Tower. We kicked it off with a very special guest appearance by our CEO and the mind behind Kin, Ted Livingston. Hear from him a bit about his background, why he believes in Kin, and more about our Kin Headquarters in Tel Aviv:

In our previous session we delved into “How to To Become A Smart Contract Engineer” in a somewhat high level perspective, focusing on how it resembles and differs from any other form of software development. In this event, we focused on Solidity, the prevailing framework for Ethereum smart contracts, diving a little deeper by iterating and elaborating on famous bugs that were reported by the developer community as well as during the professional experience of the speaker, Leonid Beder.

We hoped that by combining the theoretical high level accounts with low level failure case-studies we’ll be able to adequately educate newcomers as well as seasoned developers on what to watch out for and how to correctly develop a smart contract. Leonid did a great job in doing so, and we received some really great feedback from the highly technical and very deep dive into the dev, that was reviewed. You can see the slides here and the video of the lecture below:

If you’re looking to learn more about blockchain technology, join Blockchain Academy on Facebook, and come to our future events. In our next session, David Yakira, Chief Scientist at Orbs, will teach us about Proof of Stake and the Next Generation of Ethereum:

Blockchain Academy is a partnership between Kin, Orbs and Samsung Next. We are always looking for top talent, so if you are interested in exploring the wonderful world of blockchain technology, email to learn more about Kin, to learn more about Orbs, and to get in touch with Samsung Next.

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