How to tell if someone is scamming you?


Hi guys, i was just wondering if someone can help? I’ve been trying new platforms and some things dont give me much assurance. What are the main ways a hacker will approach you so I can keep an eye out?


Any chance you can elaborate a little?

Until we know more:

  1. never give your private info to anyone
  2. never send anyone anything if they promise to reward you
  3. always check your browser address bar to verify that you haven’t been redirected
  4. never give anyone your private keys
  5. google to double check any and all info
  6. if you’re investing in something, be sure to do proper research first


Anything that’s too good to be true. Always is friend.

Trust the little voice that has you asking in the first place. Chances are whatever’s happening with you isn’t sitting well. No one will give you something for nothing, needs your help with a transaction, has the best investment opportunity with sick gains and instant ROI. Even if you cash a check from someone to buy Bitcoin and send it to them they can cancel the check. The types of scams are endless. If that doesn’t help answer your question, give us some details to evaluate.


I am yet to be directly targeted, i’ve just received a few emails. After reading so many reviews and horror stories about places like localbitcoin etc i’m just scared. So i was just wondering what the main hazards are and places to avoid? there just seems to be so many ways!


I wouldn’t use local bitcoin personally. Plenty of professionals now to run through escrow instead.


Thank you. Ibe seen a new platfrom called XCH4NGE and they seem to be really good. Does anyone have any thoughts?


Haven’t used it personally but it meets the criteria mentioned earlier as all customers are verified through a credit checking firm. Only after being verified can you access a P2P escrow account.


Perfect thank you! it seems like my best option at the moment!


This might be another option for you as well.


if they are very respectful in each & every sentence
and are persistent


Thanks so much for all of your help guys! Do you know if they’re available in the UK?


They are available in the UK


Perfect thank you, i’ll give them a look