How to use a custom miner on Simple Mining OS smOS



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  1. Go to Group Config

  2. Click on Add Group

  3. Choose a miner that you won’t be using in the future, in the case bminer-v5.5.0 and click Select

  4. Add a descriptive group name. Under Group description enter the name of the new miner with version number. Under Miner OPTIONS add the new miner config for example:
    Using BEAM with the OpenCL miner you would enter

  1. Go to Rig List

  2. Click on the LAN Shellinabox

NOTE: The password by default is the email address you log into smOS with.

  1. Right click on the terminal and click Paste from browser.
    Paste the appropriate syntax as demonstrated in the templates below. Then press ENTER

###This is the template you can you in the LAN Shellinabox###
~$ sudo bash -c “$(curl” - [smOSMiner] [URLtoNewMiner.tar.gz]

Example using BEAM overwriting bminer-v5.4.0

~$ sudo bash -c “$(curl” - bminer-v5.4.0

  1. It will begin downloading your miner

  2. Your miner is now downloaded and installed

  3. Now go to Rig List and select the box next to your rig then click Group Config

  4. Select the customized miner and click Reload, then Save.

Go ahead and try it yourself. If you get stuck, let’s post it on this thread and help your mining fam out.


Excellent tutorial! We need more like this!


@CryptoMykel @Nemisist419 and I are on it. We’ve been cohorting.



Your a bad ass bro! @THEDATALORD