How XDC to XDCE Atomic Swap Will Function With a Fully Decentralized Way

However, many developers are working on building atomic swap liquidity pools for a real-time decentralised swap between XDC and XDCE

XDC to XDCE swap is currently done through centralised

Let’s see some current open-source swap network.

How EOS and ETH based chains achieve swap through Bancor:

How BNB enables atomic swap from ETH tokens to BNB Dex tokens:

How easier it will be for XDCE tokens on ETH to swap to XDC on XinFin Mainnet

  • XDC Network EVM compatible and supports all smart contract functions of solidity and Vyper smart contract language.
  • When a swap function is called, it will look at available liquidity pools for a swap between XDC and XDCE and vice versa, the token holder will have the option to use any of the liquidity pools.
  • Approx time for the transaction will be transaction finality on eth (10 mins± eth congestion delays) + SWAP API call on XDC Network (2–5 seconds) + actual transfer on XDC Network (3–5 seconds).
  • Best time approx 12 Mins- worst time as per ETH network delayed.

Future expansion of swap — starting with Bancor in 2 months

  • Assets on a private network or public network can be swapped with tokens on XDC Network with ease.
  • Such networks would benefit from a swap with XDC network because of low transaction fees.
  • Polka dot, EOS, Zilliqa bridge to XDC chain.
  • Private chains like R3 Corda, Hyperledger.
  • Trade Finance (, receivables, bill of exchange (Enigio)

Developer bounty for SWAP:

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