I am a developer, How can i help to yen.io?


I was watching Decentralized TV to learn a lot of new stuff about cryptocurrency and I really appreciate the uncomparable efforts that Peter put day and night to teach us new stuff.

I am a full stack developer with Quasar and node js or asp.net and MongoDB for database, I can develop cross-platform apps as well using Cordova and I have experience creating DIscord bots for Byteball and Steem, In short I am looking for work and I will be thankful to you if you guys can give the chance to join you.

Also if you guys have some discord server please do share as well to me, thank you.



Seems like they’re no longer accepting applications on linkedin but you can also email them here hello@yen.io


Great, Thank you. I will email them.


Hi genievot - we don’t currently have any openings for our development team but we have a general posting which you can put in your info so we can have it on file when the need arises:


Thank you for thinking of us!


I just send all the information from typeform and angel.co official “Apply now” Button, Hope you found it, I will wait for your reply. Thank you


@JamesAtYen and @peter , I would be glad to create a cross platform yen.io app, Will try to do this in a week or 2, Can i have access to your public apis, and have sent you a request on typeform and angel.co and here :blush: , I am already excited to be a part in your team.


Appreciate the enthusiasm but we don’t have any current public API’s to leverage, still working on the core :slight_smile:

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Oh ok thanks for informing, @JamesAtYen If you done with core, Let me know i will make the api as well :blush: if you want.

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