I am still here, please give some helpful advice


I am still here. I am still dca. I listen to Btc and crypto news day. I did stalled out on B90x. I am in the high 60’s though, I am going start back on that and finish.
What advice do you guys have have for someone like me. I have been accumulating since April.
My motivation has faltered abit. I am not leaving, ever. I guess this the pain of suffering through a bear market.


What are you building?


Just saw this, was getting to work.
My btc balance, fiat reserves, and 1%-5% physical gold and silver reserves for now.
As far as actively building, the answer is myself. I am getting my body in shape, and lighting my internal drive again. I had fallen into the trap of complacency.
I also plan to learn coding. I want to be part of the Blockchain space.
The monetary reserves, physical, and metal strength come are 1st though.
Easier to build on a firm foundation.


finish #b90x… that’ll be a great start and an important one to build momentum.



These types of axiomatic statements made by giants of industry aren’t helpful.

There are some that thrive on the grind.


just have realistic goals, this space will not move upwards in several months, you can just keep on DCA’ing if you want to average your buys.


I personally am really liking this period. I have a chance to learn some coding, trade and hopefully build something amazing…

Just keep getting up for work and keep doing stuff… its 0441am and I am busy sorting out classes in python… all is good and start work on my first job in a couple of hours.



Thanks for the advice and positive feedback. I wish you all and your families well.
What are some of the best languages to start on, when learning to coding? Recommendations are welcomed.
How do I find out what is in demand?


Python i believe is one of the easist languages to learn. Its structured in a way that you can prototype fast and have a working proof of concept. But in terms of execution performance, python is not the fastest. But if you learn the concepts in python, you can learn most of the other maintream languages

I think after learning 2 languages, learning the basics of any language other after that will take you some weeks or even days. Its more important to know the basics, and then you use languages that are the best tool for the particular job

Just in general though, i think someone can learn to code in a few months if consistent and dedicated. But to make code thats easy for others to read and maintain (eg if you want to work with others), its an ongoing process that spans many years

On a side note, one thing I think that programmers learn that applys to investing is to work smart. Eg make solutions that don’t require a massive amount of work and time, just work when necessary and spend more time thinking. Investing i think is the same, you don’t need to constantly put money into the market, just put in and take out at optimal times. Like Buffet says, he waits for a pitch he can hit out ot the park and then swings. Otherwise he takes a lot of pitches



Read more reputable content. Read Mastering Bitcoin (https://amzn.to/2WOsShe) and Mastering Ethereum (https://amzn.to/2UIDrAE). There are free versions online as well, provided by the author.

Then, read a whitepaper each day. Try to understand the lingo. I’m about 150 white papers in, with notes (my job might hate me for printing out so much paper) and highlight what’s important. I feel decently confident in giving my opinion on a coin based on 30 min with a whitepaper. I can’t predict where prices will go, but I can certainly tell you with confidence if the coin is doing something unique or solving a problem, and what I think the success of the coin may be.

Keep learning and chill. Also, go outside and enjoy living. You can’t eat/breath/sleep crypto. That will lead to a very limited life experience.