I believe the bottom is in



The current value of my crypto is low enough as to not be relevant to my life so I would not sell on a forced capitulation. The amount of funds that I put in was relevant at the time but now it’s not so much.

My best investment since 2017 has by far been Netflix which has mostly made up for my crypto losses. I’m basically meh on my crypto investment now although I’m optimistic for the long run price of my crypto.


A diverse strategy which can account for both possibilities includes long term holdings which you will not sell as well as fresh funds on the side ready to capitalize on a market crash.

Having both crypto holdings and as much in lower limit orders in place is how you do that.


It’s quite easy actually.

I personally am HODLing a fair chunk while also having fiat reserves waiting to ladder in if we drop lower. This way I’m set if we move up, while also not over committing in case we go lower.

Whichever way it goes, I’m excited.




There is also just doing a combination of both your options A and B. This is not a 0 sum game where you have to go 100% one way or the other. In reality you should always be looking at options A and B as the far extremes and you adjust your percentages based on the info you have at hand.


how big of a whale?

someone with a few million isn’t moving a whole lot bud


That’s good man, i think majority of the pub are the same mindset and are expecting it to go lower.

it’s the ones who are thinking the bottom is in, who will panic sell and get caught out


This big of a whale:



Been alot of that tbh, sometimes i think these things are painted with the volume being so low to catch people out!



People don’t sell when they think the market is in. They buy.



On Feb 2nd, we are likely to break the record for longest Bitcoin correction: 410 days.
Check the chart: https://t.me/cryptotradingroom1/1127

I hope we will soon be able to say that we survived the longest crypto market correction!


in terms of untouched (fresh) supply and demand zones id say demand between 2640k and 2880k (bitstamp) and supply at 5508k and 5658k.
i’d also say we’re stuck between two old S&D zones from Aug. 2017 and oct. 2017 which are now acting as support and resistance.


I give up man.

I hope you don’t panic sell when this drops below 3k.

Good luck buddy


well this was a fun thread to read all aspects taken and feelings on show :dicaprio1: Human analysis is always a great thing to watch play out :raised_hands:

@scraggyhound where you at i know you have been watching the emotions from the sidelines like myself what you think?


i think you should shut your hole :joy:

buy signal??


Touchy :dicaprio1:

We will see its a long road to the 2020 Uptrend


Be ready, everyone… to take advantage… it will happen and before you know it… it will be over…

Lets all make some money, hopefully it happens after I have claimed some tax back in my self assessment. I should be able to buy even more ICX… might be able to get close to a 100k ICX…



still feel like there are way too many people in crypto for it to be a bottom.


What does this even mean? The more people there are in crypto the higher the bottom is going to be. Chicken and the egg my friend. Maybe this is the minimal number now that can’t be shaken out.


Tomorrow Bitcoin CME Futures Expiration :eyes:, 'might get some answers… :roller_coaster: or not :ferris_wheel:.

:triangular_ruler: :crystal_ball: Φ