I can not see a reason NOT to mine LTC - please help!


The reality is … if you don’t have an army of ASICS miners… you would not be able to mint enough coins to ROI your investment quickly. Plus, you need to manage and pay for power bill which is expensive in Switzerland - one of the highest rate in Europe.

If you have 30K to spend on miners, you are better off buying LTC at the dips. 30,000 / 50$ = 600 LTC more than your 150 LTC target.

If you are adamant of mining anyways, a better strategy would be investing in GPU rigs like Peter’s setup - you can mine and have freedom to mine any coins and GPU algorithms that are profitable.

The ASIC miners on the other hand are designed to only specific algorithms, example: S9/A741s = SHA256 coins, L3+, A4s = Scrypt coins and D3, Baikals = X11 coins.


Day trade and make 30% in a day


it would be a awesome hobby, requiring lots of investment, to:

  1. invest into powerwall(s), solar panels
  2. invest into miners and power them with the electricity from the power walls.

If I was set for life this is something I’d like to try.
the electricity bill in mining takes too large a chunk out of the returns, in my opinion.


i don’t agree.

buying 3 ASICS (L3+) on alibaba for 5400 (1800 each). ROI is with 50$ / LTC and an difficulty increase of 100k per month within 108 LTC’s. Thats after 4 months.
increase of value not taken in consideration.

thank you for the explaination about algorithms and mining those. i think with asics you have enough freedom to mine different coins (crypt it is). but yeah, not COMPLETELY freedom :slight_smile:

it does not really make a difference if you have 3 or 30 ASICS. unless you get a pretty good deal by bulk-bying :wink:


Just a word of advice… if you plan to have only a couple of ASIC miners - its not worth it because the diff level is too high.

My group has 12GHs Scrypt and 59GHs X11 total hash – we needed this many hash to get a satisfactory return.


please explain this in detail.i don’t really get what you wrote. i would not solo mine either, of course :slight_smile:
and why are the calculations on all the sites saying something different then? difficulty included in the maths…


Explain what in detail?

If you can get the L3+s, now selling at Bitmain 2280 USD each, you need to determine your ROI period given the difficulty in December (current batch ships end Nov).

If ROI period is 1 month – very good. If ROI 12 months - are you OK with that?

If you take the funds available and buy LTC outright - I think its better deal.

Or just buy BTC, I think guaranteed return is very high by year end.


The main reasons I decided to not use ASIC miners:

  1. If a miner goes down, it is incredibly hard to fix. You essentially have to send it to the manufacturer and wait. By the time you get it back, the difficulty may be higher. There is an incredibly short window of time on these miners in which you need to utilize them to get ROI. For instance, if you order the 3rd batch from Bitmain, you will probably only get your ROI.

  2. When they do become unprofitable, and they will, they have a very low resale value. GPUs on the other hand have great resale value because they are used by gamers also.

  3. GPU miners can mine MANY different coins as opposed to ASIC miners


i mean i understand your points. i like to be as free as possible as well. but disregarding flexibility for one second please. Money is the limiting factor unfortunately :wink:

the difficulty level is rising anyway. The GPUs are in a short window as well in relation to the diff-level. so the ROI with a self built rig is like, enormous. 500MH/s for 2000$ (L3+) vs. 500MH/s for 5000$ (GPUs). Clearly the ROI of the selfbuilt rig needs longer
…or not? i really don’t get it :slight_smile:

can somebody give me an example for a self built rig and how much the ROI is? How is it possible to get a decent ROI and profit?


I started mining ethereum 5 months ago and I have received my ROI. I also still have a potential 60% resale value on my cards.


cool! how much cards (name?) have you running and how much did you pay for them?


Electricity cost in Denmark is around 0,31-0,32 USD per KWh… :joy:


@Crypt-Erol You are SO PUMPED to get started mining and I LOVE IT! While reading through all the posts on this topic I caught a few things I want to clarify.

it just could be a good money-making-hobby

This is the mentality you have to have with mining cryptocurrencies. It’s a hobby that will pay off over time.

@Peter and I have tried to get some Antminer L3+ from Bitmain and we haven’t be able to get through the wall of internet traffic when they go on sale. Buying these second hand could result in not getting your ROI. Others have calculated the risks here:

i think with asics you have enough freedom to mine different coins (crypt it is). but yeah, not COMPLETELY freedom :slight_smile:

L3+ is built and programmed for Litecoin. There is no pointing it to mine another coin. Once the difficulty goes up, and/or a new miner comes out, the L3+ will go by the way side and you will have a nice expensive door stop. That’s not to say you won’t get your ROI plus a good bit of LTC. It’s to say that once they are done, they are DONE.

Electricity cost in Denmark is around 0,31-0,32 USD per KWh… :joy:

THAT IS ONE INSANE ELECTRICITY COST. If you haven’t already check out my topic about electricity. It is in reference to GPU mining but still applicable.

Last thing. If you are curious about GPU mining and it’s profitability check out my topic.

Thanks for being here and if you need any help setting up a GPU miner or an Antminer, let us know!


get the l3+ , the calcs dont lie, the machine is worth it and it is basically plug and play. It has a fast roi, around 3 months. It is a mining machine made to mine.

a $3100 gpu takes over a year to pay off…

here is what you can mine with it.
it is a Scrypt miner and mines at 504.00 MH/s , not just litecoin…

nicehash.com run the calcs.

but, with the cost of electricity there I wouldnt bother with anything, except maybe getting some solar panels and a tesla powerwall…


You can’t compare the hashrate directly. While 500mh of litecoin mining might make $400 a month (just an example, not accurate), 500mh of ethereum mining would be closer to $1000 per month.


In mid 2015, I too was so intrigue by the mining scene after a disappointing experience with cloud mining.

I can understand your enthusiasm - Crypt-Erol. I am not discouraging you to get mining rigs or Asics.

My first rig was 5 x MS R9-390 about 150MHs, this grew quickly to 5 identical rigs, total 750MHs.

Back then that 750MHs farm can do 15 to 20 ETH coins per day - it was a good investment and ROI was around 6 months (after power bill).

As far as mining is concerned, the lessons learned were:

  1. Diversify - eventually we settled on 50% BTC Asics, 30% Scrypt and X11, 20% GPU, to be able to hit our daily preferred target. Our trading portfolio however is as high as 4x of our mining revenues.

  2. Mining as leverage to your crypto currency trading portfolio. While we trade mostly BTC, LTC, DASH, XMR - we use our mining gear to mine these coins directly – otherwise they will switch to rentals on normal days and get BTC payout.

  3. Keep an eye on the power expenses (ideally less than 12c/USD/kw/h) and ROI (ideally less than 8 months or less). Before we hosted the farms out to an ISP with cheap hydro electric power (5c/kw/h), the power bill was nearly 30% of our expense. After outsourcing, we reduced this 20%.

  4. Pay attention to coins difficulty levels - Bitmain last few pre-sales committed minimum 30,000 Asics miners (L3+ and D3) into the market – time will not be on your side if you don’t have a farm approach to mining. Also, 500MH L3+ DOES NOT EQUAL 500MH GPU hash… a single L3+ is probably equals to hundreds of GPUs with a fraction of the wattage consumption.

  5. ETH mining consumes the most power, followed by ZEC (reduced by 10%) and XMR (reduced by 20-25%) - XMR mining power consumption is very good.

  6. AMD vs NVIDIA – although NVIDIA cards are more expensive - power consumption is very good, easy to OC and runs cool. AMD was cheaper (but now not sure, they got greedy me thinks). A good GTX1070 is a very good multi purpose GPU IMHO - just like the best seller 480/470s.

  7. If you do home mining, don’t underestimate the costs of cooling solutions. Its better for rigs to run cool and stable even at reduced hash, vs rigs that are super clocked, runs hot and hangs frequently. Always undervolt, and slightly overclock. A stable mining farm often is not the one with the fastest overclocked rigs.

  8. Power supply unit - don’t be a cheapo when it comes to PSUs. Your rig investment will be safe and long lasting, if you have good power supply. Many things can go wrong when you have a crappy PSU.

Just sharing my 2cents to members here. Its good to be mining but there are also many factors to worry about and you need to have a good strategy to be profitable in mining.

Happy mining!


wow, this got into a really nice and informative chat!
Thank you @ImaginaryPi, thank you @asharp and of course thank you @makeBTCdaily!
:face_with_monocle: cool dudes!

i think im still curious and interested in doing this in the near future. planing on my strategy to get in with not much money and then grow more and more. at this point i’m not sure if GPUs really getting me somewhere - first calcs where like: 2000$ investment and the bills of the room are only paid :frowning: so, the only way to get ROI would be an increase of value! thats too risky.

how does XMR only use H/s and ETH needs MH/s and you can mine them on the same GPU rig? how goes the math here? if someone can post a link with a tutorial or something, that would be great!

cheers guys!


Agree on all counts. ESPECIALLY number 1.

ASICS are extremely profitable when you first get them. if you gets yours and its damaged or fails early you can go weeks or more before bitmain sends a replacement and you lose all those porfits.

Also we are in batch 3 or 4 now, so by the time you would get it that profitability calculator would be way off with the dificulty.

The most profitable thing you can do with a batch 3 or later ASIC is to sell as soon as you get it. you can get 2X-5X on amazon or ebay for it


ROI for a GPU mining rig, depending on the cards and electrical cost is about 220-280 days.

The Benefit on GPU mining is that while the difficulty increases its a slower incease then ASIC mined coins. and when ASIC mined coin difficulty gets to a point where its not profitable, your asic miner becomes a doorstop with no value.

When the dificulty on a GPU mined coin becomes non profitable, you can move to another coin, or just sell your GPUs for 20%-60% of what you bought them for,

the major factor though is risk. if one of your GPUs fails you still have the other GPUs mining and its easy to source/RMA/warranty replace a bad GPU. if your asic fails its going to be a lengthy process for bitmain to get you a repair or replacement.

GPU mining profitability is certainly not what it was. but with more and more coins every day there will be more GPU minable PoW coins in the future. and you can still make some money off of it especially if you can sell the cards when your dont for a decent profit.


The L3+ is great if you have an early batch like you do. for those getting theirs in nov/dec/january will not see the types of profits you are seeing now. a batch 1/2 asic miner is a goldmine. late batches not as much