I can not see a reason NOT to mine LTC - please help!


thank you jason

i try to calculate how the much the ROI would be with GPUs. Here in Switzerland we are very quality-jerks. We like to buy new stuff. i’m a little bit uncertain how good reselling GPUs would work. thats a risk i have to consider. at the end im sitting on a pile of GPUs! haha

can you explain me why the difficulty increase is slower on GPUs than on ASIC? how does this work?
i thought coin-difficulty increases because the coin itself (value of it etc.). how does it matter how you mine them?

thats true with the batches. i might wait until a new version of ASIC is on its way…


You will need an air compressor to clean the miners every month if not running in a clean office. Most homes will have dust and other particulate matter that will kill computers. This advice goes also for your normal pcs - i clean mine every month. Make sure to hold the fan on case/ps/cpu with a pencil or other long object as the air speed can spin the fans past their design spec doing damage. If you look after your gear and buy quality they should last 2 years mins.


By the time you are done mining with your cards you will be onselling with 50million other people at the same time, they will be worth $20 each a year after purchase.


The resale market for the high end GPUs for gamers remains strong. just take a peak on ebay. When these GPUs come out and miners buy them in bulk its the gamers missing out (just go to a PC gaming forum, they do NOT like miners. lol). So after 12-18 months these gamers can get these video cards at 1/4 to 1/2 the price they usually jump on that. or at least to this point. Either way, regardless of what you can get GPUs have a function outside mining, ASICS dont… take that for what its worth.

As far as the difficulty on ASIC mined coins growing faster then GPU mined coins… this is kind of a generalization as each coin has its own difficulty rules. but ill give a general example. keep in mind, the awnser to this is much more involved, and i can explain in more depth if you like, but a psuedo overview is this.

mining is just solving blocks of math problems/algorithms. each math problem/algorithm is more difficult then the next.

so once you solve the first block, the next block is more complex and takes longer to solve (mine). the one after that even harder.

now… the quicker you solve the blocks, the faster you get to more difficult blocks. and with ASICs have huge hash power and solving blocks at a faster rate then GPU miners, your getting to those next more difficult blocks at a faster rate.

Asics coming on the scene and mining tons of coins and blowing through blocks quickly is a big reason why alot of PoW coins have tried to become asic resistant, or even move to PoS instead,

Ethereum for example is a coin that is ASIC resistant. the reason for this is that ethereums algorithims are extremely memory intensive, and you need to load a header for each algorithm into memory (called a DAG). as difficulty increases, this DAG gets bigger. so while ASICs have a ton more processing power then GPUs, they are bottlenecked by memory, which makes then no more efficient at mining ethereum then GPUs. it is not cost effective for miners to add tons of memory ot their product, which is why at least for now you havent seen ASIC mining for ethereum.

there are challenges for difficulty with ethereum/GPU mined coins as well. for instance once the DAG reaches epoch 199 or 200 it will no longer fit in memory for cards with 4 GB or less memory. which will no longer be capable of mining ethereum


panty hose covering the intake fan is a great hack ive used forever. doesnt effect airflow and catches a ton of dust


I dont think this is accurate. I mean the Radeon R9 290’s come out in 2013/2014 and are not just listing but selling at $150-$250 on ebay.


jason your my man!
thank you for this short example. makes totally sense to me.

what GPUs are you using and whats the stats? hashpower and power consumption…


I’m using a 6 card rig with AMD Radeon RX VEGA 64’s

234 MH/s (39 MH/s per card)
1020W (150W per card + 110W from system board and components)

we’ve been able to get the Hashrate up to 43.3 MH/s but the spike in power wasnt worth it (355W).

here is my thread on my AMD rig:

Here is my GPU mining guide for dummies:


very helpfull thank you!

Nice. but i think with my electricity cost, buying costs of the card, space rent etc. i have roughly 20 months until ROI… ROUGH CALC!

i hope i get it right to paper sometime. work now :wink:



check out my GPU mining guide above. it talks about profitability and ROI it may very well NOT be profitable for you based on electrical costs.

if you CAN get an ASIC you should do it. worst case you sell it the same day for twice what you paid


you know, i would make some money i think. but yeah nonetheless, hobby or not, it should be a nice profit right?! :wink:
i check all your links and tutorials someday this week. pretty helpful thank you!


id think that with an L3+ miner… unless it failrs on you early on you should at the very least get your ROI.


yes because there are gamers who cant afford current models so they settle for the inflated older cards. Don’t think this squeeze will last forever, the difficulty will increase, maufacturers will eventually release mining specialised cards for this market and or ethereum may not hold up against further attacks on their dapps making lots of cards redundant really quickly.


did you look on crypocompare at what the profit per day is


Of course. As well on Mycryptobuddy, where you can insert the est. difficulty growth. But estimating is like guessing into the dark;)

Now i am thinking ablut the D3. Could get one for 3200 with PSU.
But the price of LTC or Dash have to be again on 60$ resp. 360$ and above, the ROI is too long if not. I maybe buy a D3 just for mining 3months, then sell it for 2000$. Will see


Personally I’d rather have the L3 as I believe litecoin is better than dash.