I got it! Yes, I haven't been this excited since my first purchase of Bitcoin!



About to do an unboxing on this bad boy! :heart_eyes::sunglasses:


More pics please.
The 20 characters rule is annoying.


Finney Unboxing! - Sub, like and comment in the video for a chance to win one Litecoin! Now, gonna go play with my Finney… :smirk:


Tell me more about your experience with the phone.


Sorry, been so busy with many projects!

A few pros and cons that I have about the phone so far!


  • Beautiful style, with amazing curves
  • Feels well designed and has a durable shell
  • Powered by Android
  • The hard wallet tech is purely amazing
  • Great security features


  • Bluetooth seems to not auto-connect with my vehicle (not sure if it is my car or the phone)
  • KYC is needed for the wallet conversion feature
  • dCenter (Finney’s dApp Store) only has a dozen listed… More to come, I’m sure
  • No headphone jack, but my Bluetooth headphones connect

I’ll try to put out the review on our channel soon!


Appreciate the feedback on this. A review would be fantastic. Cheeers.



Same as crash, Thank you.
Is it hard to get accessories with the phone, like a cases to protect it?
Does it support most of the common crypto’s? Is there any missing that you like?


Yes, accessories can be purchased from the SirinLabs shop. I ordered a case for the phone, which I am waiting for shipping.

Oh yeah, plenty of cryptos to add to the hard wallet. Plus, you can add custom tokens. No need for a Ledger Nano or MEW!

Here’s a sneak peak!


I’ve been using my Finney phone for over a month now and it is by far my favorite phone to date. Pictures do not do it justice and I get asked about my sexy phone everywhere I go.


Enjoy the short and sweet video! Congrats to the LTC giveaway! :slight_smile: