I have 59 dollars and i just wasn't to know what i could do with it


Hello i am a begginer to cryptocurrency and i want to do it but the problem is that i dont have any thing to use for mining exccept for an asus laptop that i don’t use anymore but i thought that i could do some cloud mining but i only have $59 to spend i thought about gm but they are too expensive and lso sold out of everyting except for monero but i dont think that thats too profitable and also i thought about hashflare but i don’t tink that its too creible of a site and i don’t think that i can make a profit off of it wiht a high maitnence fee and if possible coul you please post some cheap and credible cloud moner sites or some ideas that i could use.


If it was me, I would forget about cloud mining.
Buy Litecoin.


I started with $56 in August of last year. I’ve managed to turn that into just over $400 trading in and out of Bitcoin on the Cryptopia exchange. I would suggest doing something similar. If I could have started earlier, I wouldn’t be trading to try to play catch up. Alternatively, you could save up for a decent video card to mine your own coin if you wanna mine imo.


personally I would say buy ICX

mainnet launching end of this month and its at a very good dip right now


mining is a waste of time. unless you’re able to compete with the big mining factories.
just smash your fiat into BTC, LTC or an altcoin - hard to go wrong!


agreed with @KashXO
check out the ICX thread or the ICX DCA thread


$59 is enough to get in, but just barely. Mind you, I don’t want to discourage you by any means, but you have to consider fees. You’ve been given solid advice, and in addition to that, I’d say go through all 90 videos in Peter’s B90X challenge. He gives a lot of insights into not just cryptocurrencies, but mindset modification to help you find ways to increase your investment. It’s absolutely worth a look and IMHO a must for anyone new and looking to get into cryptocurrency investment and trading. The great thing is that he takes you from the absolute beginning.

Getting through the whole series will take some time, but I guarantee you’ll come out the other end motivated and with a plan, or at least some healthy seeds to grow one.

You can find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZW5YQW3Y5bY&list=PLcTvlhIStejKZKyTL2tddk2KWlYBt0kho


$59 is plenty! Read some whitepapers and look for a project that you believe in.


ok thank you i’ll try to watch it


at $59 you are probably better buying an alt coin thats cheap and new and hoping it spikes. 59 of bitcoin wont be worth much especially since it will cost like half that in fees to move it around

in fact if you do want $50 in bitcoin probably better t venmo someone here the $50 and have them send you the .003 BTC so you can avoid fees.


ok but i was just using bitcoin as an example if i run out of ideas ill try that



seen this site last night but idk if this is a scam but then i seen all of the info that they request for and that brought my opinion down a little




Stay away from mining with the funds you have… you dont have enough capital for it to be profitable. Cloud mining in general you typically dont profit much anyhow.

Honestly, just investing in bitcoin or altcoin and holding it will out perform a cloud mining contract.

if all you have is 60 bucks, find a coin you want and try and buy it from someone here to avoid fees.


cloud mining isnt very profitable and a high portion are scams.


I agree 100% with GOF on forgetting about the cloud mining, and buy ICX instead of LTC :slight_smile:


Nice job glen, congrats


He is a newbie. He can start with LTC then buy ICX :slight_smile:


Fair point, easier to buy ltc than ICX, go for LTC in that case :slight_smile: