I have 59 dollars and i just wasn't to know what i could do with it


i’ll look in to that and try it


also along with LTC would it possibly be profitable to mine it with with my asus but the problem is that its a laptop not an desktop


I don’t think you really want to do mining on a laptop, based on what I read here in the pub


CPU mining isnt profitable anymore… and for GPU/grafix card mining you’d need like 5-6 high end video cards at 400+ each in order to really make money with it or ever reach ROI.

mining, in any capacity, is kind of out of the question with such little capital


Ok so stop mining idea nd just purchas coins and save up untill i can do other ideas?


Well if you got lot time sit on fiat/btc exchange price go up and down a lot
yesterday i was plaing with Eth/eur and earned 200 euro just putting limit and it do automatic for ya take like 2 minutes setting up for free money if you ask me. now i always leave some money to let it auto sell/buy at night on coinbase. Oh and i was playing with 1 full ETH bought for 800 euro from start on gdax exchange.


is this the site glen


with 59 bucks as your budget your best bet is to take a swing at one of the penny guys and hope they hit a $1. your best bet is this siacoin. Like ADA it will probably go from .03 cents to a dollar within a year. Right now its .10…so that would be 10x return and you can beat that guy up there that has turned his into 400$.


yes, that sounds like a solid plan


That is the site, I like the UI better than any other exchange


last summer i also had 60 bucks on an old bank account (were there for years with profit of some cents!!) and i bought 1 Litecoin with it
got me into crypto, i watched peter, bpub and the market till december and then i moved more $ in


Well if you want to take hit at coin under 0.5 usd get on hitbtc.com. i am on it to spam some fun chat but they are so hyped for low price coin there :D. i got on there only to get some Pix


some small crypto like bytecoin, burst, digibyte. or some TRX (it is still really cheap).


The only answer is buy ICON (ICX) and HODL


im going to start out small first


$0.178245 USD (-12.43%)
0.00001069 BTC (-14.72%)
0.00017657 ETH (-16.31%)

DigiByte DigiByte (DGB)
$0.135671 USD (33.56%)
0.00000813 BTC (30.13%)

Burst Burst (BURST)
$0.118957 USD (72.90%)
0.00000713 BTC (68.50%)

Bytecoin Bytecoin (BCN)
$0.016191 USD (37.50%)
0.00000097 BTC (34.02%)

Cardano Cardano (ADA)
$1.04 USD (6.28%)
0.00006233 BTC (3.75%)

https://coinmarketcap.com” this is the site that i quoted but what do you guys think that would be the most profitable but like cryptoserb said ADA could be profitable but idk

EDIT: for $59 i could get 56.7307692308 ADA


So SC or sciacoin is a good option for you. I used ADA as an example. I had ADA when it was .03, and only a few months later the coin went to 1.12. So i think SC will have similar return and trajectory.

Would help if i spell it correctly siacoin.


ok thank you i’ll try that


hey wich is better hitbc or cryptopia


Siacoin Siacoin (SC)
$0.104557 USD (131.99%)
0.00000619 BTC (124.64%)