I have 59 dollars and i just wasn't to know what i could do with it


with $59 I’d probably buy Electroneum or Deepbrainchain


where is someplace that i could buy siacoin with usd


Bytecoin Bytecoin (BCN)
$0.016191 USD (37.50%)
0.00000097 BTC (34.02%)


best bet is buying it from someone here. fees are going to kill you with just $59. coinbase woud take 4% then network fee to get to the exchange, then trade fee, etc…


ok but how and where coud i get some from this site then storage issues also and im sticking to SC also and what could i use to trade


I’d be glad to do it for you… step 1 would to be to get an account with an exchange that has you coin (for digibyte maybe open a bittrex account)

then ill send you the $60 worth of DGB. once you get it you can venmo me $59 usd.


im just doing SC right now and for teh wallet i made one with www.siacoin-online.com/wallet


I bought a contract from Genesis Mining, just to try. I was a newbie… in fact, that was before I found about the pub and bitesizebitcoin. I thought investing a small amount would be lower risk and that I would get my money back anyway. I have not yet received a cent from them, as the paiements are under the minimum require for sending money. Cheap contract often mean low return.

I would advise you to stay away from them. Keep this money for you. Just with the Bitcoin Gold Fork, I would have made much more than what they could promise.

There are plenty of videos on youtube about these cloud mining company, look a little closer when they are talking about their income. You’ll notice they are getting most of their money from referrals/commissions, not from mining per se.


what is your siacoin wallet address/public key (its ok to post it, people can only send to the wallet address)

DO NOT post your private key


this is all it says


that line you scratched out in blue is what i need. thats your wallet address, its ok to give to people because they can only send to it. PM it to me if you feel more comfortable.

i just send some BTC to my bittrex to buy the siacoin for you. ill send you the funds before you venmo me


i don’t have a venmo account but i am going to ceate one


ok no rush… it will be about 15-20 minutes before my funds hit the exchange before i can buy Sia anyhow.

it also looks like sia wallets on bittrex are offline:

so id have to wait for that. either way i got you covered. Ill buy the Sia and then send it to you. once confirmed i then you can send me funds.


i can’t do it now anyways i need to get a card set up


wich i can’t do today


Confirmed to ditch cloud mining. I did an experiment when I first started and bought the cheapest BTC lifetime contract for $30 or rather 0.75 LTC. the same LTC is worth $208 today but I’ve gotten back maybe $20-30 worth of BTC for it, which will continue to decrease. The first 6 months says I would of done 10x more profit to buy the coin instead of the contract.


NEBL trading there :nebl:


Well the biggest problem is that I don’t even have a bank account so yea…


If your set on cloud mining, hashflare is where you can start. They have a reinvest feature that grows your hashpower automatically. I started with 120$. Your return on investment is around 90 days give or take.


You always earn more if you buy and hold instead of mining.