I have a question about CryptoYum?



Being new here I was wondering if CryptoYum will ever be on Android or will it be a strict ios only app?


Our mvp is iOS. Android will be built if the demand is there. The only way to know demand is growth.


Thank you, i am currently on Android but may buy an iPhone just for the app.


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Believe me there will be a demand eventually for Android users, Cryptoyum ain’t going to make me switch over to Apple. Never been a fan, I could spin shit for hours on Apple and Samsung…



That’s what I was wondering too. Can’t wait for it to be on android!


of course there is demand :smile:


We need an android version Peter.


Isnt downloading an rss feeder app and adding al the crypto websites cheaper?


Just signed up here at the pub bro. Is Yum available now in the App Store? Cause I can’t find it if it is


Building and polishing it right now! We will have it shortly!!


Not sure if I missed something but being that the Bitcoin logo is on app icon, will this app be focused more on Bit or crypto overall? It’s hard to find trustworthy information on Alt coins as is and would be great to have one place to see it.
BTW Hey John!! Been around your work since the Pressgram days :slight_smile:


Thanks for reppin!!! :pouting_woman:t3:‍♀️:heart:️:joy:


omg. really?


Why are you still around?!?


Man, those were some good times.


Def were. I really liked the app and also bought Desk hehe. Funny how the world works cause now my interested in crypto lead me here also.


I have been wondering if the cryptoyum app is geo blocked? is it still in beta? i have looked on the app store and also the website. this is what i see.


Yes. We had to push out the release due to UAT.
More testing is required as we want to push out something polished!


Was hoping to hear CryptoYum was built using React Native :smiley:


thank you. I like polished.