Yesterday, while heading to an appointment in SanJose, CA. I my uber driver Manhesh told me he had to make a stop to pick up another passenger. I looked the passenger up and down before he entered to vehicle. Young Asian guy, glasses. He tried to enter my side of the vehicle because he didn’t see me( I’m assuming because the windows were tinted). I opened the door and said “The other side is free.” He apologized and came to the other side of the vehicle. While looking at my phone a notification came up the said “Satoshi has entered the vehicle” or something of the sort. I looked to m y left as he was sitting behind the drive to get a better view to the individual. I didn’t want to stare so I just remained nonchalant and asked “Are you who I think you are?” He responded my name is Satoshi… I laughed as he must have got the joke. we chatted for a few he exited on his next stop. I said my goodbyes and as he didn’t want to take a picture with me …idk. But I did realized he got off on “Lark Ave” hmm