I need crypto consultant referrals near me (Toronto/GTA Durham/Clarington region)

Please give me your recommendations for specialist in crypto. Professional with references please. Thx. LA

What sort of consultant? Tax, trading, investment, or?

Well, to I put $1k in six yrs ago. Traded a wee bit for less than a year to learn. I think I’m at about $1k cad again now. No loss. I’ve lost my job (DANG COVID!) and had to sell my house. Thinking I want to cash in, but wanted a bit of an audit done in my computer/ledger history too confirm 1) did I do everything during trading"ok", 2) did I miss anything and 3) did I miss/lose anything along the way sitting in the blockchain? I’m just too stressed to deal with learning an audit.

Ps hello!!!

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