I need help with equipment, i have free electricity

Guys, I managed to acquire free electricity, i’ll have it in 30-45 days, and probably have it for a long time.
Can you help me find reputable seller of asic miners that delivers to Serbia?
The best solution would be cheap miners that aren’t power efficient , but have decent hash rate, like Jackson SP20.

My budget is $1500 for first batch of miners.

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How did you get free energy?
Like this? :slight_smile:


I bribed electric company official. Please don’t judge me :frowning: :frowning:
It’s in part of town with electric energy surplus, nobody will miss it. :slight_smile:


So interesting - never heard of any acquiring free electricity before!

Have you checked the For Sale Category? You may find folks who have what your looking for if its not posted yet.


I didn’t find any mining eq for sale in For Sale section :frowning: . Ty for your response :).


is bitmain com reliable, do you guys order from them? I will pick something from their shop.


I believe that bitmain is the reliabliest of them all.
I would not judge you (in fact, I think you are quite smart guy for doing it), but I would like to ask you: what if the guy you bribed looses his position?

And a side question:
Did you bribe in BTC, Fiat, or Monero? LOL


@bitvadol He won’t lose his position until next election. Thats how things work here. Few years (2-3 at least) of free power. Anyway good old envelope stacked with fiat :smiley: :smiley:


Ah… @goodoldfiat:rofl::joy:
So… In a few years you are going to mine so much coins… Given the current difficulty and price it’s 6500+ USD a year per one 19 TH miner… Not bad, dude, not bad.


I am glad that you are going to acquire free electricity, but do you mind that you will make an abuse of it by mining? Personally, I don’t know for what purpose you will get it, but I suggest you to be careful, because mining consumes more than you think and this could end very bad for you. The only solution is to install ohmite high voltage resistors in order to control the electricity flow. Besides that, I don’t know if $1500 is going to be enough, for a good little farm, you need at least $10k or $15k.

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