My son & grandson watching hockey of course :slight_smile:


Where have you been?
Hope all is well with you :slight_smile:


Lapse: a forgotten future

Post apocalyptic strategy card game. Pretty good little time killer!


I have been rather unwell… I hope all is good with you!!! I’ve missed you all like crazy :slight_smile:


My husband is in the same-ish boat as you: likes to play games, but has a lot on his plate.

We like Minecraft, cause it is easy to pick up and put down, and if you plug in an audio book and zone out while mining, it’s crazy therapeutic.

This Christmas he got a Nintendo Switch and has been playing the new Zelda game on it. He can take it anywhere and play whenever he has time, but can also play on the tv at home when he’s super lucky :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

He’s trying to teach our 4 year olds how to play Mario Cart so they can play with him, it’s not going so well, but they love it, so win-win.

A lot of games these days are hard to pick up and put down for a quick fix. I think that’s why panda pop and candy crush are so popular, mindless and fun. But they really have no substance, so they get boring fast.

Good luck. Like I said my husband has found success with his switch, but he’s also bought 4 games in the last 3 years and hasn’t finished or really done much on any of them. C’est la vie.


Seriously buy a Nintendo switch! Fantastic system and there is a lot of support for it for non Nintendo games. You can bring it with you everywhere so it makes it easy to find time to fit it in. If you commute, waiting for random appointments so on and so forth. I have really enjoyed mine and it is easy to pick up and play and set back down.


Plus it’s just been hacked!

“Backups” incoming.


Crusader Kings 2

Nice simple slow paced strategy game (but hard to understand without watching a few tutorials)

I can pause this game and just think about my next moves for 20 minutes.

Also kind of unique in that there’s no real win conditions. You decide. And it’s more about the journey than the goal. (and the journey fucking up is half the fun)

Love it :star_struck:


@Angela hope you are getting better. We all miss you on here. Take life at your own pace :hugs: :sparkling_heart: XOXO


PUBG (player unknowns battle ground) is a favorite of mine, you can just play one or 2 games and leave it alone. fun if you are competitive and like shooters.


Monte Crypto- the Bitcoin Enigma??

Not sure how relaxing this one would be @john, but might be worth a look (if you haven’t checked it out already). Apparently, each of the 24 levels reveals a word of a private key- towards the single grand prize: 1BTC!


@john you no want? #20chars


Factorio easily sink hours into this game, should definitely appeal to a programmer or miner :wink:

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For you minecraft players, here is a version with a twist.

I’ve never played either but every child under 8 seems to spend their entire day on this game if parents let them.

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First part is just random questions to get a sense of your gaming taste, style, and MF.
I have a cheap game rec. and a learning game thingy rec… (lol, MF…Majah Flavah, lol throwback to a Korean clothing brand from way back in the day. You ever listen to K Hip Hop, not Kpop like H.O.T but like Drunken Tiger? )

What’s your favorite console format? Genre? Prefer Sprites? polygons? Or cell shading?

Hmm… any titles that you feel like you missed out on and didn’t have the chance when you were younger? Mine, por ejemplo is Earthbound for SNES (mother 3 in Japan I think). If you get an older Psp you can hack and customize that sucker. Saving the game whenever need be with the ability to use save states.

I bought TitanFall 2 on Amazon for 10 bucks. I would have gladly paid 15 for it.

Also, ahem…ABC Mouse? They are game for your kids that they play and you can chill with them. Lol, multitasking. 3 birds with one stone.

Let me know if you have a part though. I have game that I am never going to trade in at EB and find the act of sending them to a person from the pub more valuable.
Note: not all AAA+ games. Talking like, No Man’s sky (which the creators have done wonders with new patches.

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I enjoy old games city builders. And after the city is set up you dont need to play them, just zoom out and watch fruits of your work. I still have a old game like Black&White II (you can pick up villagers and throw them around :smiley: good for stress if you annoyed anytime) on computer. Other games are Tropico 4, Tropico 5, Fallout 4, and Anno 2070. Or you can always play window game Saper :smiley:


I remember Black and White. I was very into Sid Meyers Civilizations. Especially #3’s DLC with Korea and the Turtle Ship.

Man I really need a pc. I’ve always been a console type gamer. Does anyone know if a custome desktop or one of them new spiffy looking Razr laptops would be better to own. Wifey has like 3 lappers but not high end media production type set ups. I did have the original Frogger arcade though. Bought in a drunken stupor by one of the parentals. Great classic, but I mean, you can’t go from placing your quarter on the lower edge of an arcades screen silently declaring you’re next on SF2, MK 1, and NBA Jam then be placed in control of a frog trying not to die.

“Back in my day liquor stores and 7-11s had videogames you could play and it only cost a quarter.”

-My bad for the curse word, but-
Shit. I’m getting old.

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Im not a fortnite player but it’s faster paced than PUBG, and if you die early, it’s even faster! I love games as well, but as you say, I am just too busy. It’s been about 2 months for me(since ive even touched a game. and I slowed down a lot about 3-4 months before that.

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Congratulations on you baby, I would recommend you to play Fifa, Also use Allkeyshop or https://gameskeys.net/ for cheap games.

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