I stopped my miner


Sorry to say, I turned off my 6 GPU miner that had 4 1070s and 2 1080 Tis and threw that EVGA 1080 Ti SC2 into my new pc gaming computer custom ordered from Cyberpowerpc and replaced that Zotac Amp! reference edition 1080 Ti for the better EVGA cooling system. Given that the EVGA one has a base and boost clock thats just a tad bit lower, I’m ok with that and the software that comes with the EVGA brand is awesome, plus more RGB to my system?! Yes please! I’ll keep my other 1080 Ti’s and 1070s and when the market goes back up, I’ll turn it back on then particularly in the winter time. Ive been doing this as a hobby. I tried to look for a ASUS Rog Strix 1080 Ti because of the RGB since my set up is mostly Asus Rog and Rog Strix accessories, but thought I didnt want to spend over $900 for a 1080 Ti. For now, I’m just DCAing into crypto and playing games on my gaming rig to make use of that EVGA SC2 1080 Ti! I may however, turn the mining rig into a gaming PC since I have all the parts to do it and put in a useless SLI set up for fun and give this to my wife. :slight_smile:


Why stop your miner? I guess it depends on your electric bill but I am still in the green at 0.095c/kWh and this is at the current prices and using NiceHash.


My GPU rigs are still running too. Along with my ASICs. Sad state of mining right now. We going to need BTC to moonshot soon to make it worthwhile.


My cost is 0.28 cents per kWh in Hawaii. Even as a hobby it’s hella expensive. Lol. I still have my 6 card miner tho. I took out my new gpu card from my new CyberPowerpc 2018 Battlebox that had the Zotac amp! 1080 Ti (not extreme) brand out and replaced my gaming PC gpu with the EVGA 1080 Ti SC2 from my ( used for one month) mining rig and my gaming pc is running awesome! The cooling ICX system on the evga seems better and my gpu seems to run cooler than the Zotac. Maybe it’s bias but seems to be running better with better software compatibility than the Zotac. I Love the evga brand. Zotac firestorm software doesn’t seem as intuitive. If crypto shoots up again then I’ll turn my miner back on. In the meantime I’m gonna enjoy some pc games. But I’m also gonna be nice to my brother in law this year and give him a GTX 1070 that was on my mining rig to replace his gtx 970. It really is a sad time of mining. Even as a hobby. I’m tempted to sell all my gpus and keep one 1080 Ti and the evga platinum 1000w PSU to build another gaming PC. So far I have one gaming pc. Then just DCA into crypto particularly bitcoin. I am looking at my gpus and thinking, gosh these babies were hashing out Etherum classic pretty well and only after about a 1-2 month of mining, I stopped. :frowning:


Yeh if I had to pay 28c/kWh mine would be stopped also. Didn’t realize electric was that expensive there.