IBM: Desperately Shilling Elites vs. Bitcoin


I so find this to be, propaganda level, obsequious, free advertising for IBM’s burgeoning blockchain services. Also, though, probably, something to think carefully about.

“Underestimating IBM”, is, “bad for business” (I mean, a storied tech giant, that spells out it’s logo by manipulating individual atoms, for fun, #iyfm) . I am still, somewhat, angered by their presumption that they can just step in, and usurp the space :mentat:


IBM… That is game changing right there.


Word…the, consummate, “800 Lb. Technology Gorilla”…


IBM has been in this game for a while. The release of their Hyperledger in Dec2015 means that they have been working on blockchain probably since 2012. So in a sense they have been in the game longer than most of us here on the forums so it is not like they are stepping into this game blindly.


Agreed, just saying, their “glacial corporate influence”, is something that we should, “be prepared to feel”, is all…


I agree with that the original post gave me the feeling more of a conspiracy theory type feel that I guess I took it as if you didn’t think they could make a difference. I can tell you there are a few financial institutions that are all ready testing if not using HyperLedger.

Anyhow good post man. Gotta help keep the community up to speed.