Ice Rock Mining - Mining company coin ICO +Bonus


Hello, [Ice Rock Mining] is a new mining company located in a cave in Kazakhstan where electricity is pretty cheap. The cave reduces the cooling costs because the cave has constant 12 Celsius temperature.This cave is a former ussr fort, and the company acquired it from a private owner. There is a 45% bonus until 27 of February. The coins give you a % merit in the company’s overall monthly mining sum, and they offer lifetime contracts based on Ethereum smart contract, they mine btc but pay in Eth so that they can use contract. The mining will start in June, they currently want to buy 5,000 asics and the best thing is that they are really transparent and have a lot of videos on Youtube, they will also show on dashboard how much Btc they make from the mining. The returns seems huge 420% if you invest now, but that’s because they give back a lot to users and their cost is somehow low. They explain it. Of course make your own research, I dropped this in here in case someone is interested, the current bonus makes up for some profit.


Just another cloud mining company trying to take people’s money IMO.

My feelings on Cloud Mining:


I watched the video really, really insightful. I will invest some btc in that company and see how it goes. I can take that risk.