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Resources for keeping track of ICO's and crowdsales
Getting involved with ICOs
Calendar Web Site for Tracking ICO Events
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Another is https://www.icoalert.com/


Sweet! Thanks for posting it!


And this one also: http://www.icocountdown.com/



and another one

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Still worth checking out.


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icos are getting TOUGHER


Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Review and Analysis ICOs from top investors, experts and community.


Soon there will be an interesting ICO worth to follow - Nebula Network, decentralized cloud, which seems to be really perspective project. First coin with stable exchange rate. Their site and road map looks reliably and prospectively.


76% of This Year’s ICOs Are Already Under Water

“In 2017, ICOs produced an average ROI of 573% according to Coinist.io. This year, just one ICO – Zilliqa – has surpassed that figure, delivering 12x. Last year’s big hitters, by way of comparison, were Spectrecoin (46,000%), Storj (7,600%), Populous (5,400%) and Qtum (4,500%). There’s still plenty of time for 2018’s ICOs to come good, though right now investors would simply be happy to see their tokens turn green. It’s been evident for some time that pre-sales are the only realistic route into an ICO. Deep discounting at this stage means there’s typically few tokens left by the time of the public sale, and the valuation of these, coupled with market conditions, makes profiting all but impossible.”


Here is my second Medium article, If you consider it a good resource feel free to share RT :heart:️ and :clap: at medium. Thanks for the support, Looking forward to hearing what you think about it.


Top expert would be based on your perception I believe. Check out cryptoinfluence.io to avoid the scammers!


But wait… there are scammers on that list…


Are there?! Let me know who it is so I can stay away, otherwise report it and help the community out!


you can check out these resources as well