ICON Annual Summit 2019


Does anyone know where or when the ICON annual summit will be next year? Looking to book some tickets for it early, and also get saving for it!

If anyone wants to talk ICON summit, get some lads together from in here to meet up where ever it is, that would be cool.


I live in Korea so will definitely try to go, assuming it is in Seoul. Hopefully the good folk of the Pub will keep everyone updated if any news becomes available.


Awesome mate. Does that mean your a korean spy on the inside? :joy:

How’s things looking over in korea at the minute from a cryptos investors view point? Really want to head out there next year for summit if that’s where it’s held, would be awesome to get a feel for the taste of crypto in korea right now.

Great news about juju government wanting to embrace blockchain technology, hopefully icon will play a significant part in that!


Bad. Really bad. No fresh fiat is coming into the market because of authoritarian government regulations and a general malaise in sentiment. My wife is a member of a few of the crypto groups on Naver and the majority of people got out months ago and are not coming back anytime soon (if ever).

You can tell the general sentiment by asking regular people their opinions on crypto too. Back in December, Bitcoin was on everyone’s lips, and they all wanted a piece of the pie - remember around 1/3 of Koreans are invested in crypto. Now, mention the word Bitcoin, and people immediately look at you with suspicion. I’ve had friends telling me that buying Bitcoin is “legalized gambling” and that they wouldn’t do it.

I know these are anecdotal stories but they represent a realistic view of the current sentiment regarding crypto in Korea at the moment, in my humble opinion. It’ll take something very special and a significant amount of government deregulation to bring new fiat into the market here.


What a bummer. Doesn’t sound like they’re too interested in ICX then.


@Evergreen would it be fair to say that although ICX has investment potential it’s not a blockchain that the public would come into contact with, ergo public not that interested?


Do you mean to say that icon will be a network that will have value through its utility and connectivity to other networks, but not as something the average retail investor will come in to contact with?


Very interesting to hear that. Hopefully it’s just a sentiment thing, which we know can easily change like the wind once things get snowballing.

I’d imagine icon isn’t well marketed though right now, so naturally that’s going to effect the desire to learn and invest in it?

Do you get the feel that blockchain as a whole is on a rise though and moving forward within SK?


Well I do assume this may be as expected since BTC has tanked and all of crypto has gone down so much, being as the korean people were partially the main driving force pushing the price up, now that it has gone down, they are ones that are left holding their coins at a loss.

I remember MANY koreans were the ones pumping coins like XRP, STORM, EOS, and more. All for what seemed like no reason. Pumps like that always result in people losing money.

I have also heard it is extremely hard for koreans to buy crypto now due to regulations. Something like you must be over 21 or something, and have to physically go to a bank that accepts to give you a license to trade crypto or something like that?

Im sure it will pick back up eventually, but as for now everyone is suffering.


this could almost be considered a reflection of crypto in general - how many folks bailed after getting in at 20k and plunging

Ironically if I do my cointracking 8489 today, I’ve made $200 for the year - but I haven’t sold any of the ICX I acquired or else I’d be oh, getting a $3000 writeoff - LOL


That seems like a fair assessment, but I’d say it’s the general feeling surrounding crypto at the moment too. A lot of people here got burned. One of my wife’s friend’s lost $100,000 last year. That’s a lot of money.

Most people have never heard of it. Look at Bithumb. It’s usually right down at the bottom of the page, out of sight and out of mind.

This is what I’m banking on.

Behind the scenes, sure. But from a public standpoint, absolutely not. It’s dead.

This is correct. The bank will also try to talk you out of it (obviously) and will only let you trade $300 per month initially. Unless these draconian laws change, I don’t see how new money is going to come into the system.