ICON has not been buidling over the past year?



I just came to know a website coincodecap.com where all the Github activities are summarized for coins.

This is the information shown on the site for ICON. Comparing to other coins that I’m interested, it’s not very impressive at all.

Below is the list of the top 100 coins that have most commits.

What are your thoughts on this?


Dont sweat it. ICON will be huge


I think most of the building has been on the private ICONLOOP networks as opposed to open-source.


Iconeeeeeccctttt!!! :beetconnect:


That site is looking at the wrong repository.

This is the correct repository: https://github.com/icon-project

I’ve seen a few of these Github trackers looking at the wrong repository. I’ll message this one and let them know. Hopefully, they’ll update it.


commits don’t matter right? I’m pretty sure I can literally change 1 letter constantly and have that be a new commit every time to boost my project up to the top.


Exactly. Quality over quantity. And ideally both.


It could be based on if the commit is accepted and merged


Yes…this is why SLOC or # of commits is not a good indicator of productivity. As a generality, novice and/or bad developers tend to write more code and generate more commits.


I wouldn’t say commits don’t matter. It’s a sign of progress. Yes, it is fakeable, but any project could be faking it. We wouldn’t know or we don’t have time to find out for each project. We all know that quality matters the most. However, not all investors are working on the project, how can one tell its quality?

Thanks @radiofriendly123.


ICON is like all the rest, the people start walking away from the project when there is no hype and their currency is worth dog shit. I say that owning 30,000 ICX


When did you buy in?


several buys, i had an avg over 1.00, doubled down at 20-30 cents to reduce it to rougly 60-75 cents


and its spread out over huobi and binance, or I’d just tell you the exact avg cost


Damn dude…



far from not been building at all.