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There’s a ton happening with ICON this year. Let’s discuss them :icx:.

  • Real world use cases

  • ICOs

  • dApps

  • DEX

  • Wallets

  • Korean BBQ

Please try to keep it on topic and have fun :slight_smile: .

Icon [ICX] - Waiting for Conversion - Let’s talk dApps!


Damn not first 20 char


I’m thinking of getting some more icx as this may be the last time we see it in the 2’s?!


Need to say more?


btc having a bit of a tantrum…


Yep. Reckon could head down again ?


at least a little…that btc red candle keeps growing


Glad i waited :joy::joy: fjgkfdkdkd


well crap…was reading this thread and didn’t cancel my buy order in time to catch more of the drop


I see you already started a new thread. Duh. Forget my old post on the old ICON. LULZ


just here to follow the excitement

Fun fact… did you know flies can come back to life after drowning? True story. Just add salt. make sure to drowned the fly in room temperature water. They can’t survive hot water.
That’s all I got right now


Ill try that . can they be drowned in anything for this to work or only specific substances?


ICX cup please? top should be on the 21-22 of this month (4-5 more days to go) before we get the small retracement for the handle (if it forms)

EDIT: We are decreasing in volume though, which is no bueno.


Water works, I don’t know if any other substance would work.
Pretty neat science experiment


@Nyakeh well done brother


Absolutely man. Couldn’t have done it without your help. #teamwork


Another one bites the dust. Feels good to move on. That was the most toxic and fud filled thread.

This one will be better


I hope you’re right. We can benefit from some fresh air and good vibes till the bulls start running


Been here for the ones before this, will hopefully be here for the next one. Still hodling.