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Icon is gonna be 50 cents in August


Will you be hodling or buying more Hans?


Cyrpto this year has had so many ´pumps´ New year, Winter olympics, Wall Street bonuses, Chinese New Year, US Tax Day, CFTC meeting with US Congress, Consensus 2018. Now the bull run will start after ETF news… right. :face_with_monocle:

The Bitcoin bull run will start when the moon is in the Seventh House and jupiter aligns with mars then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars this is the dawning of the age of Cryptocurrency Age of Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency


Hey Siggy,

You traded it all at once?
I havent done anything. I havent even updated my Ledger yet, which i plan to do sometime this weekend.

That should have been the USA…but, hey, I got my ticket regardless of country.
Do your thing ICON, do your thing!

Ian is such trash man…do these liars think that people are stupid and cant put two and two together?

I remember and got mine when they were, i think 70 something bucks.

What if it doesnt?
It takes a while before Ledger adds cryptos.
Did they say anything or give a general date specific to ICON?
(I havent been following it at all, as im looking into a token swap via iconnex)

Rose survived…

Ok…that is depressing as HELL!

Make sure you have your 1 BTC tho…


Lol. I know Rose survived. I wanted to see who was going to be the survivor and who was gonna be swallowed in the crypto ocean.


Whatever the reason may be, but there will be another one.


Based upon the way ICON technical development seems to be progressing, it won’t be until november when we see any kind of developer tools.



@dice I did swap mine all at once. It was in an F it kind of mood. Thankfully, it was very easy and 36 hours later everything showed up. :sweat_smile:

I’m just leaving them in the wallet now and prepping for $1 ICX to buy more. :pray: :money_mouth_face:


August? Damn at this rate we’ll be 50 cents by next week! Weren’t we at 1.75 a few days ago? 1.30 and dropping :chart_with_downwards_trend:


I wish I had the balls to tether up. I am afraid that the second I tether up this thing is going to turn around.



I said the same thing 10 times this year. I missed many opportunities to make extra coins. I finally Tethered up and picked up a lot of extra ICX.


I hate do see ICX this low but on the other hand i have almost doubled my investment at 1.30 :thinking:


Same problem here. But you can always Tether a small %. just in case you can buy in lower.


so is ICX still a good buy at $1.29 @kryptokenzie ? :thinking:


1 dolla ICX sounds tempting tho!


I would say yes, but I am still cautious on BTC completing any bullish moves right now. I’m sticking to below $1 to make any big buys. If we don’t go there I’ll be putting my money elsewhere, but I’m willing to sit on my cash and be patient.

These prices are a decent entry for a short term trade or a long term hold still.


See in your profile pic still stands for cunt? :slight_smile:


I’m doing the exact same. Sitting on cash for sub $1 and if it doesn’t happen, I’ll stay happy with my position and put the money elsewhere. Love the prices, but need to stay disciplined.