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I might pick up some fresh ICX before this event depending on how :crown: :btc: is doing. JH Kim going to keep us in theloop.



Ledger have it on their roadmap but no ETA. Not surprising given the icon block chain has only just gotten public access.

If they don’t get it done before the cut off we will have to use iconex


I tested a small amount and it took 4 days because of the eth congestion


What are the chances Mike Novogratz buys a big bag of ICON and shills it to his buddies?


No shill needed, Master Min Kim even spreading ICX network into chain of profitable Korean BBQ establishments. How can EOS and Ethereum compete with this strong real-world use case?


I just also did it all at once. Nervous laugh


I’ve got MAGA balls. I know you’ll appreciate that dice :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Let’s inject some more long-term positivity and optimism in here. We may reference this post in the future and remember the good times, while the current price of 1 ICX hovers around ~$1.30, and 1 BTC is still ~$6.2k in July of 2018.

Below follows some recent predictions about the price of BTC (the mothership); we will use these to relate to ICX’s value proposition:


Tom Lee, BTC to $25k by end of 2018:

Arthur Hayes, BTC to $50k by end of 2018:

Julian Hosp, BTC to $60k by end of 2018:

Catalysts: Infrastructure rollouts, Protocol upgrades, ETF, Exchange listings, Regulatory clarity, continued global adoption and awareness
Avg: $45k BTC EOY '18


Ronnie Moas, BTC to $50k by 2020

Tom Lee, BTC to $91k by 2020; BTC Halving in 2020:

Avg: $70.5k BTC EOY '20


Tim Draper, BTC to $250k by 2022:

Tom Lee, BTC to $125k by 2022

Avg: $187.5k BTC EOY '22


Jeremy Liew, BTC to $500k by 2030

Winklevoss Twins, BTC to $300k by somewhere between 2028-2038

Avg: $400k BTC EOY '33

Over the next 15 years, if at least one of these predictions comes to fruition, the multiple on the value of the ICX token will undoubtedly be staggering, from its current .5b Marketcap.

By Comparison:

  • Cardano, a similar platform, at height of the last bull market in Jan '18, reached 33b || or 66x that of ICX
  • Jeff Bezos, a single individual, has attained a net worth of about 150b || or 300x that of ICX
  • Apple, a single tech company, is nearly 1000b (1 Trillion) market cap valuation TODAY || or 2000x that of ICX

We are still early.


You’re speaking my language brother!

Guys and Girls, leave your Bear costumes at the door because this ain’t that kind of party!


If only my total traded amount was equal to my icx balance :joy:


Appreciate your insight! It confirms many of my own thoughts. Like @kryptokenzie I am not 100% convinced a positive EFT ruling would catapult us upward immediately but I am generally very confident on both buying opportunities and the state of the general market going forward.


I think an ETF approval would surely cause a massive surge once announced. But I think it will be a pump and dump.

  • If it happens in August - we still have 4-6 months before an ETF trades. The initial pump in liquidity most likely won’t be sustained. We could see a few weeks of high volume that tapers off again.

  • The additional liquidity that an ETF can provide will take time to build buyers. Just like the futures contracts. Volume is building slowly. Interest from multiple institutions will take time.

My game plan is to buy the rumor and sell the news. The crypto market will eventually move into the trillions of dollars, but it’s not going to happen right away.


Ouch ICX dropped out of top 25 on maker cap


I am confident that ICX will go below $1 and all alt coins will suffer in the short term. BTC dominance is likely to skyrocket leading up to the ETF announcement. Everyone is going to want in on that initial pump if approved.

I will sit in the mothership :btc: watching the alt coin market deflate. I want to become an ICON whale.


When ICO price? :man_shrugging:t2:



When below ICO price? Why stop there? Many coins have gone there. It’s not impossible. There have been virtually no bounces. Just continued bleeding. Why buy when no one else is buying? Why focus on 100X returns when you can get 1000X?


It’ll never happen I tell you!

You’ll be waiting like this guy…



50usd before 1.00usd




uhmm it could happen obviously but the psychological factor might be a tough part to overcome, like Kenzie, siggy and I can safely say hundreds of others will also buy at the $1, could be a partial floor.

For that same reason if I decide to buy more, It’d be at $1.05 - $1.1 range