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Agreed. Roger Ver is an asshat. :wink:


Use a different photo of Roger Ver :joy:


Jugule shibal do to Roger Ver.




Your pic is already an asshat so… :man_shrugging: :rofl:


Good point. I kinda walked right into that.


Who is the real Hans? :dicaprio5:


Does the real Min have a thing for Teslas?


with 160 developers, why are they behind on the roadmap? iOS wallet or DEX could have been out by now


That’s a good point… Something we should be privy to


Also in terms of going to the moon and network activity:

EOS already has 2.5M transactions

ICON only has 11K

Now, didn’t Binance just open up those withdrawals recently? How did they already hit 2.5M transactions?
Whew, we got a looong way to go.


Prices at end of month

July - 2.50
August 3.50
Sept - 5.00
Oct - 7.00
Nov - 10.00
Dec - 14.00
Jan - 17.00


Waking up and seeing a cup with a handle forming always gets me excited… until I realise its the 24hr chart -_-"




Calm before the storm ? most static 2 weeks of ICX ever so far …



The calm before two fifty


that’d be almost a 50% increase which I wouldn’t mind at all lmao


Like 22 days left to get there :grinning:


Well… it’s not the prettiest handle but atleast it went the right direction :stuck_out_tongue:


im pretty sure its general market movement not a C&H price action of ICX … but up movement is welcomed!