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Haha yeah - like I was saying before I see the shape alot in the 24 hr chart but it’s by no means a moon ride. Just standard daily movement on a zoomed in scale


But I thought Token Swap meant moon rides!?

Isn’t that what the great know-it-all’s were telling us?


already priced in :joy:



Sounds good to me


In the interest of preventing an arguement between yourself and those who you seem to repearedly antagonise… they did NOT say that token swap was a moon ride but rather that token swap opens up ICON’s products from ideas to reality and that mooning is not possible without it… this does not mean that once completed that it will moon but rather that it is able to grow from a good idea to a reality and thus had the potential to grow ICX value massively. Whether this will happen or not is the gamble we all play when investing in ANY coin/token.

This forum has been a bit quiet recently but if it stays alive because the same pointless arguement being repeated in personal attacks between pubbers then it is transforming jnto reddit…

To the usual suspects: please just let this one slide


Point well made.

Ellis knows ICON is solid, it’s all good.

P. S Mooning is the journey. Lambo is the vehicle :joy:


All good brother, finally got my emotions in check. All part of my journey.



Fellow ICONers, please watch this by a smart trader… He brings up some good points.

It’s a Bitcoin TA but it is really the market TA.


read this post on /biz/. Could be LARP but was interesting nonetheless. The thread was about which one (AION, WAN, ICX) is better:

ICX is definitely the best out of the three… ridiculous partnerships, multiple government made consortiums that use loopchain privatechain tech, and they will eventually be using the icon nexus to hyperconnect on public network (ICX for transaction fees). companies will need to buy enough ICX to stake it and pay for transaction costs between each other, which icon incentivizes by giving more rewards and incentives to network users with more transactions on the network.

On top of this, the shipping consortium in Korea has been testing Samsung SDS private chain for 8 months, and suddenly announced that they are switching from samsung privatechain to theloop for shipping ID verification - this adds a ton of potential transactions to the ICON network if any of these ID verifications will need to be communicated using the public chain.

Also, Samsung phones all use theloop private chain for pass lock verification, if you use samsung pass, you use loopchain tech.

And another kicker, 20 hospitals and insurance companies have claimed to want to use the ICON public chain to communicate between one another before the end of 2018, meaning transactions on the network, meaning ICX transaction fees, meaning these hospitals and insurance companies will buy a ton of ICX to stake and pay for these fees.

How many DAPPS do they have now - 12? more than any other non eth chain…

I went to the ICON office like 2 weeks ago and they have over 100 employees now as well. We’re gonna see a new yellow paper this month and a new technical roadmap. LINE’s exchange will list all ICON projects now that they have a joint venture as well.


Anyone trading this rise?



Maybe Yen will be on their dossier as a partner… …


Love that! Reminds everyone how epic this project is and the world changing potential it has.



I’m still having a hard time finding a recent project that’s as epic as ICON. Honestly it’s really hard to beat in terms of fundamentals, technology, and partnerships. It’s almost like a dream come true :stuck_out_tongue: .


Going’s to see how it reacts at 2750. :fist:


Oh peter, I love it when you talk like that! Still believe Min and JK will not less us all down in the long run, i really can’t wait to make it out to their next summit.
Any info you can spill to us loyal disciples, please feel free :smile:


What women think we want to hear :

Mmm do you want me to wear that naughty school girl outfit tonight?

What we really want to hear:

Peter: ICON token swap is almost complete. DEX and IISS released soon.


whose the great know it all?


Found this on Reddit:

Google Translated

“Distributed Financial / Medical Information, Block Chain Connected to Expand to the World” Enter the article 2018.07.08 at 4:53 pm

‘Korea Block Chain Week 2018’ as the lecturer Kim Jong-hyuk The Loop Representative Joint certification ‘Chain ID’ development Also signed MOU with Samsung Pass. Hospitals, hospitals, hospitals and insurance companies Using a block chain, password, and a variety of user benefits

"The block chain, like the early days of the Internet, will continue to evolve and evolve as services are improved, especially in the financial sector and the Japanese subsidiary line of Naver, With the growing number of companies switching to a block-chain ecosystem using the token economy, a variety of DAPPs (distributed applications) will emerge this year. "

■ Connect US hospitals and Korean patients with block chains

Kim Jong-hyuk will host ‘Iconic Leadership and Partnership Strategy’ at KBB 2018 (Korea Block Chain Week 2018) held at Shilla Hotel in Seoul from 16th to 20th, . Prior to this, Kim Dae-jung, in a preliminary interview with Financial News Block Post at The Loop Headquarters, Seoul on March 3, said, "We recently signed a MOU with Kyobo Life to build a next-generation insurance platform based on the block chain. KBW 2018 will announce how many different business models (BMs) are being implemented by the developed chain-chain engine ‘loop chain’. "

The Loop has developed a joint authentication system ‘Chain ID’ based on the loop chain and has been running pilot services with 11 domestic securities firms since last October. The chain ID issues a joint certificate through consensus among the participants participating in the block chain network. That is, from the point of time when the joint certificate is created, the procedure of consensus of the participant is performed. Therefore, all parties can use the joint certificate without additional procedure through a separate certification authority.

Kim said, “In May, we also signed an MOU to link the Samsung identity authentication technology, such as a chain ID and smartphone fingerprint recognition, to Samsung Pass.” When expanding the financial certification system to other areas such as overseas banks and universities, It can be extended to connect private block chains. "

The ICON project, led by Kim, also aims to eliminate the border between private block chains in financial, medical and public sectors. The key is to connect block-chain communities formed independently from around the world. For example, if a hospital in the United States uses medical information such as eating habits in order to conduct a customized mobile healthcare study, assuming A’s consent in Korea, A will use his / her coin currency wallet as a coin (ICX) You will be able to receive it.

Kim said, “Hospitals, hospitals, hospitals and insurance companies are connected businesses, but the facts are totally isolated and inconveniencing users.” "It is a very sensitive medical information, but it is based on trust through block chains and passwords. , The user can enjoy various benefits by exercising self-determination of his / her information. "

■ AI prepares for the era of block-chain governance

Kim, however, observes that governance issues can arise if the block chain ecosystem spreads regardless of nationality or industry. “It is often the case that central power or representatives decide when to add features or discuss improvements in the current block-chain platform,” he said. "In the end, Can be activated. " This is in contradiction to the basic philosophy of block-chain aiming at decentralization. To prevent this, The Loop has developed AI (Artificial Intelligence) ‘DAVINCI’. Da Vinci, which has been developed and operated while collaborating with financial institutions, has been integrated into the icon network.

Kim said, “AI Da Vinci will be used to optimize the data analysis and compensation policy that takes place in the icon network,” said Kim. "When transaction adjustment issues arise, such as increasing the amount of currency issued, AI will make decisions based on more objective data. We are approaching step by step to be able to do. " “In the first half, if AI provides basis data that each community can discuss, in the future, AI itself will come into governance and have actual decision-making power,” he said. "Like autonomous vehicles and human drivers, Is developing with a long breath to manage block-chain governance. "


Looks like we’ll be getting some great information about ICON next week.


Let me add my bits of good news and shillness for ICON too

Hope it all comes true :man_shrugging:t2: :beetconnect: